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Ⅰ. Objective of the training
      To assist and instruct staff in your company improve their English speaking ability and understanding of cross cultural issues, whereby achieving your company's goals and objectives through enhancing the company's image and  quality of service.

The objectives of the training program are for your management, supervisors and staff are:

1.    Possess the ability to be able to understand and use English, and also to improve staff' s written English ability.

2. To be able to understand, comprehend and reply in a fluent manner to requests in English

II. Basic plan 

        * Training materials
               Basis for learning English Pronunciation
               Common dialogues and requests used in a restaurant
               Modern English for Hotels
        * Specific Training Curriculum designed by our Link China curriculum developers for the hospitality industry in China ? this curriculum includes:

-        Fully structured 20-40 class course for all ranges of English ability

-        Full employee assessment

-        Lessons incorporating practical Hospitality exercises to enhance your staff’s English ability

-        Full staff report and evaluations

-        Full consultation with our Link Team and our instructors to ensure your goals and objectives of the program are met

         * Time and place for training ? Our instructors are available either during the daytime or in the evening.

III. The core content of the program includes all facets of hospitality:

      Chapter 1    Reception Desk
      Chapter 2    Reservation Desk
      Chapter 3    Guest Service
Chapter 4    Cash Desk
      Chapter 5    Restaurant
      Chapter 6    Bar
      Chapter 7    Banquets& Conferences
      Chapter8    Kitchen
      Chapter9    Room Service
      Chapter10    Housekeeping

      Chapter 11  Business writing and comprehension

      Chapter 12   Crios Cultural issues in Hospitality

IV. Instructors
Link's professional instructors with extensive hospitality backgrounds undertake our training courses.

V. Focus of the training

          1. We place heavy emphasize on the rules of language learning and cross-cultural knowledge to ensure that trainees can learn English well, and the rules they have learned can be useful in their daily life and work
          2.This training is about English for hotel and hospitality. It is a training program designed especially for staff who already have some English foundation, however find their English knowledge difficult to impart in the hospitality workplace.
          3. This training will have a focus on interaction. We pay special attention to the interaction between the trainers and trainees.
          4. This training will be in different forms, for example, discussions, role playing, problem solving, presentation skills, writing skills, writing comprehension etc.

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