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A manager of a department or business, needs to be able to use relevant terminology in order to prepare and interpret budgets, and interact with staff in order to maximize their efficiency whilst at the same time ensure all business models and stated aims are given the best chance of success.

Under Management they are (7 Units) ?

Overview of core management skills for business development and growth:

  • General Definition of Management.
  • Levels of Management.
  • Managing people.
  • Customer relationship and customer service management.
  • Creating New Business.
  • Business information management.
  • Management of websites.
  • Management of supply chain.

    Content Sample:



    - Training & Evaluation (managers & staff.)

    - Communication.

    - Leadership.

    - Team Work.

    - Responsibility.

    - Performance / Profitability / Redundancy.

    - Mutual Contribution.

    - Loyalty.

    - Decision making.

    - Credibility.

    - Options.

    - Data Base (repeat clients)

    - Regular Customer Contact & offer of Services.


    - Schedule re above.

    - Ways & how to keep in contact using correct terminology.

    - Obtaining Information on the Internet.

    - Organizing information.

    - Using information.

    - Websites in Theory & Practice.

    - Availability & Economy of Supply.

    - Supply & Demand.

    - Forecasting.

    - Reports & Records.

    - Basic Statistical Analysis.

    - Management reports


**The above seven units incorporate different aspects of management in business which are described and taught using appropriate English terminology and phraseology.

As in all our unit's employees will be able to relate to various concepts of business, due to their ability to compare similarities between Western and Chinese processes.

The primary objective of our instructors is that employees clearly understand specific English terminology/phraseology which in fact is equivalent in practice and meaning to what they already do and understand respectively.

Also, it is envisaged that upon the completion of any of the above topics, employees will have the ability to communicate in English (unit target language) at an intermediate or higher level.

Departmental Management:

Many large companies are represented through their respective branches world-wide, which are composed of various departments for ease of operation for branch and company as a whole.

Competent individual and collective management is necessary for the efficient running of departmental and branch business on behalf of the mother company as a whole. The following are some departments serving various functions of business:


?         Accounts (receivable & payable)               Clerk, Accountant, Secretary.                  

?         Purchasing                                Buyer, Purchasing Manager.                                

?         Administration                             Clerk, Manager, Executive, CEO.   

?         Customer Service                           Sales Person, Manager, Technician.   

?         Production & Manufacturing                  Production Manager, Assistant/Worker.   

?         Dispatch & Shipping                         Supervisor, Export/Import Manager.          

?         Sales (after sales)                            Salesperson, Manager.

?         Personnel (human resources)                  Assistant, Manager. Secretary.

?         Research & Development (R&D)              Chemist, Engineer, Scientist.

?         Marketing & Public Relations                  Secretary, Manager.

?         Engineering                                Head Engineer, Technician.
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