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Applying for, and obtaining, the correct Chinese visa prior to arriving in China is crucial, if you are to make a smooth transition to China .

If you are already in China , working, studying, traveling or on business our visa team can provide you with relevant, province by province, city by city information that directly relates to your individual case.

So as to ensure Foreign teachers, students, business people, workers and tourists alike are fully informed of the processing required in order to obtain the correct visa before or after entering China, our professional staff here at NETWORK ESL are fully versed in all aspects of the Chinese Visa system and are thus, well placed to provide you with up to the minute precise and detailed information concerning your specific situation.

Only a call away, we advise all those already in China or who are contemplating coming to China to talk to our trained professional visa staff in order to ensure all the correct processes take place, so that your time in China is enjoyed with the minimum of fuss!
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