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We have designed four levels in regard to this course suitable for the training of staff acting in -

 - Junior, Senior, Supervisory and Management capacities.

Level 1 - (5 Units)

Suitable for juniors and staff new to Retail Sales

(5 Units):
  • General overview of communication requirements in a customer contact centre.
  • Response to inbound customer contact. (Greetings & Introductions)
  • Satisfying customer requests. (Active listening, obtaining information via polite questions, making suggestions relevant to needs, product description & advice, small talk-eg; weather.)
  • Sales Processing. (Obtaining and processing information via hand writing/word processing.)
  • Conduct outbound customer operations. (Offer advice re delivery/dispatch of goods, warranty, etc if applicable, greetings.)
Content Sample:



Basic vocabulary

Small talk


Greetings & introductions

Active listening

Identifying customer need

Making suggestions

Product description

Processing information (H/writing, w/processor)

Operations (advise dispatch, delivery & warranty etc.)

* Our trainers ensure that your staff will understand the meaning of specific vocabulary and phrases, used in relation to the above units and know how and when to use them.

Students will perfect their basic skills through active participation amongst themselves whilst being observed by our instructors, who will correct errors in pronunciation, vocabulary and phraseology.

On the completion of Level 1, sales staff will have reached a basic level of competency in English communication, in regard to retail counter sales.


Level 2

 (7 Units) 

This course is designed for staff that have completed Level 1 or have been exempted from the same. It is geared towards staff that ill, in the near future, or have recently been promoted to a more responsible departmental position within the company.

(7 Units):


  •   Occupational health & safety
      Enterprise information systems.

  • Receive & action customer fault reports.

  • Resolve customer complaints.(using the right vocabulary and phrases to firstly, identify the reason for the complaint and secondly rectify it according to the customers satisfaction.)
  • Process basic customer account enquiries.
  • Process low risk credit applications.
  • General retail business terminology.
Content Sample:



- Emergency drill.

- Environmental work hazards.

- P/A & other intercom systems.

- Using key words.

- Faulty products & services & associated paper work.

- Target language re customer complaints & associated paper work.

- Obtaining details.

*Upon completion of level 2 retail sales employees should have the confidence to address via the English language, the more delicate and general aspects of customer contact retail sales centers.

Levels 3&4

Are designed for supervisors and departmental managers who are familiar with basic English communication in regard to customer service and retail sales.

 More details are available upon request.
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