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For those people that plan to travel overseas or have an interest in learning the fundamentals of the English Language, Link Corporate Training have designed a specific course of several units which is unique in regard to principles and ease of application.

If you are motivated and have a desire to be able to communicate in English, on a basic level, within 2-3 months - then this course is for you.

Link China Corporate Training also offer remedial English communication courses suitable for those people who have wish to brush up” on the English that they had learnt in the past.

This course includes free assessment before enrolment, and provides an economical and speedy way to attain a standard of preferred English communication.

Last but not least, Link also offers English tuition in regard to technical language used by professionals employed in industries such as;

  • Engineering, Architecture,
  • R&D(science), Law,
  • Accountancy,
  • Medicine.
  • Also, all academic subjects related to the above and more.
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