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Our selection criteria for a Link instructor is based on verification of their academic qualifications complemented with evidence of several years of practical experience.

This will ensure that what is taught, will have a definite and immediate practical application in the workplace, due to sharing of specific course related experiences by our professionals with students.

We also consider the aspect of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in regard to all Link Corporate Instructors prior to engagement of their services.

Personal Characteristics that we look for are as follows:

 ,    Shows Respect by having a positive       and non-judgmental regard for another    

,     Has Empathy by being able to see things       from the other person¨s perspective, as if          looking through their own       eyes                                   

,      Be Authentic by being oneself without             hiding behind job titles, roles or masks.

,      Listens genuinely to his students.

,      Gives clear positive feedback.

,     Has a good sense of humor.

,     Is patient.


      Knows his subject.

,      Inspires confidence.

,      Trusts people.

,      Is well-organized.

,       Paces lessons well.

,       Does not complicate things unnecessarily.

,       Is enthusiastic and inspires enthusiasm.

,       Can be authoritative without being distant.

,       Is honest.

,       Is approachable.

Our screening process ensures that you receive the best possible instructors for whatever task you may need to be fulfilled.
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