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Link China Corporate Training provide the best possible service to prospective clients by taking a practical approach in order to satisfy their immediate needs through the implementation of the following:-

  • Free initial consultation, whereby we can address the problem identified by the prospective     client or by us in order to apply the most useful and cost effective program in order to rectify the problem.
  • Free evaluation through various testing procedures of individual staff members, ensuring that they have the basic knowledge required in order to complete the course successfully.
  • We recommend alternative courses to those that do not qualify, in order to upgrade their communicative skills, so that they will be able to complete the above course successfully in the future.
  • Duration and class frequencies of courses are structured according to specific needs and can be held on site at times suitable to management.
  • All classes will be conducted by professionals with many years of experience within each specific area.
  • During courses management will be informed on a regular basis in regard to the progress of classes.


Our unique evaluation standards ensure that your companies goals and objectives will be met, such staff evaluation include:

Behavioral based interview

Gain a far stronger understanding of the candidate's workplace style, teamwork approach, managerial characteristics

Business English writing and spoken tests

Accurately assess your candidate's ability to transmit written and/or spoken information using clarity and logic to express their message

Organizational exercise

Demonstrate if the candidate has the ability to prioritize and manage their time effectively.

The above approach ensures the provision of a genuine, practical and cost effective service to all aspects of industry.

It is envisaged that management personnel realize that we have the ability to improve the level of English Communication of your Staff which will benefit the industry as a whole.
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