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Both, theoretical and practical components of our courses have been structured on the basis of information obtained over the past 12 years, through extensive research in China and Overseas.

We incorporate cultural related factors into each course and enhance learning by way of explanation, open discussion, and role play.

The following outlines a general approach to our methodology:

  • Specific courses will be designed according to individual needs of the client.
  • Each course will contain a number of units of 2 hours duration, which will be presented one at a time on a weekly basis, or according to your company’s requirements and goals.
  • Notes will be supplied to employees for each lesson (Students will be encouraged to take additional notes)
  • Employees will practice what they learn in class during their working week, and provide feedback for their instructor during the first 15-20 minutes of their next lesson, enabling progressive evaluation of each employee.
  • “Continuous Evaluation” Process is a feature incorporated into our Teaching Methodology which allows regular monitoring of the progress of every individual throughout the course. This enables timely identification of those that fall behind, so that instructors can devote additional emphasis on their learning.
  • The final 2 hours of every course will be used for assessment purposes. Employees will be tested individually and collectively on a verbal, role play, and writing(basics/essentials) basis, on all preceding units.
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