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5. How to apply for Visa Z for the foreign experts who enter China for work?
According to the regulations, foreign experts, who plan to work in China for more than 6 months, should present their invitation letters, valid passports and certificates, and Confirmation for Invitation of Foreign Experts (original file) to Chinese diplomatic, representative organization, consulate or other overseas organizations entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for application of Visa Z.
6. What certifications shall be provided when applying for visa?
To present the valid passport or other certificate(s) that can be used in place of a passport; to fill in a visa application form and hand in recent frontal hatless half-length photos; to present documents of certification pertaining to the purposes for entry or the invitation letter fro the host institution or the certificate-issuing authority; those who come to China for residence of one year or more shall produce health certificates including AIDS serum examination report issued by health departments designated by the governments of the countries the applications reside in, the health certificates shall remain valid within a period of six months as of the date of issue.
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