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1. What is (are) the fundamental principles of Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens of the People's Republic of China ?
Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens of the People's Republic of China (referred as the Aliens Law in the following) was adopted by the Thirteenth Meeting of the Sixth Session of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress and took effect from February 1. 1986/ The basic principles of the Aliens Law are" To protect the national sovereignty, safety and social order, accommodate the opening policy of our country, facilitate the international exchange, promote the construction of socialism modernization and protect the legitimate rights and interests of aliens.
2. What are the regulations on the entry, pass and residency of aliens ?
The Aliens Law stipulates that any entry into , pass through or residence in China of aliens shall obtain the approval of the authorities of Chinese government. The term of the visa-exemption agreement apply to the citizens from those countries that have signed such agreement with Chinese government. Aliens that stay in China for no more than 24 hours without exit from the airport may be exempted from visa.
3. How could the foreign experts apply for their entry visas?
The foreign experts may apply for visas to the Chinese diplomatic representative organization, consulate or other overseas organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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