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This will depend on a school by school basis, however in the vast majority of cases your expected arrival date will be stated very clearly on the employment package that is provided by us and complete by your contracted school.

We will also attempt, when possible, to place you on the same flight into China as other teachers so as to make your travel more enjoyable, it will also provide you with an instant companion whilst in China to lesson share etc. with.

China is a vast diverse country which is changing very rapidly. It is home to one of earth longest continuous civilizations, with an arresting heritage of art, architecture, language and cuisine. It is a country of great contrasts, with its picturesque rural landscapes, a natural beauty ranging from the untamed to the idyllic; from the windswept areas of the Gobi Desert and the renowned northern face of Mount Everest to Yangshuo’s gorgeous vast scenery. China is big and wild enough to satisfy a person’s explorer instinct, criss-crossed with an extensive national transportation network so no-one will be left high and dry.

Whatever China may do to you-entertain, stimulate, appeal or bemuse ? you will preserve priceless memories of a nation in the throes of inventing itself.

Since the 1980’s when China opened its doors to the world, there has been huge progress in the country’s economic and social structure. The economy has boomed in recent times with figures showing a country of prosperity and maturity. These have been times of endless drama of energetic contortions and an onslaught of western culture.

For a foreigner to visit China, one can expect a tremendous difference in culture. The differences are self-evident in the basic frames of society, for example, there is the language difference , the local cuisine , transport operations and Chinese music and the arts to name a few.

In China, there are various types of food throughout the country, in the north, the food is similar to western countries with more beef, potatoes, stews, corn and bread. In the south one can find dim sims, sausage-filled pastries and many other kinds of meat dishes,  Shanghai food is generally sweeter and milder .Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei food is often very hot with peppers, Chongqing hot pot(popular in Beijing) is a favourite . Many Muslim Chinese sell mutton and beef kebabs that are popular in the streets of many Chinese cities.

The roads of China are becoming large and more prevalent as the transport system broadens its network throughout the country. There are many expressways and freeways for road users to explore other regions of the country. Traveling in china is great for the tourist. Gone are the days of long queues, late arrivals and expensive tickets, Today there is a huge network of rail transportation, bus conveyance and airline movements to suit all kinds of travelers . More airports, bus terminals and train stations are being built to cater for the increasing mass of travelers throughout the country.

For the train traveler, the soft sleeper is the highest grade of rail accommodation. It has 4 beds, crockery, sheets and blankets. Both male and female may share a compartment. It is quite comfortable, although a fraction small for the larger foreign male.

The hard sleeper is a booth with 4 beds and provides sheets and blankets for the traveler, Most of the sleepers depart in the evening and arrive at the destination in the morning.

The soft seat and hard seat trains are good for a day trip. Both seats are well cushioned (despite the name).

Bus travel is becoming hugely popular with many inter provincial journeys now becoming available with very modern, luxury buses serving many routes.

Cars are meeting an increasing demand with a huge number of the population now becoming car-users. It is befittingly fordable for the Chinese worker to use this as their mode of transportation.

Tunes have changed and China is moving with the changing times.

What is your take or view on China?
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