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7. What punishment could be imposed on those foreign experts who reside or stay in China exceeding the time limit?
Foreign experts, scholars or their children who reside or stay in China exceeding the time limit shall be given a warning or imposed with a fine of RMB500 for each day of their illegal stay with a total sum within the limit of RMB5000, or even be held in detention for 3 to 10 days; if the case is serious, the offender shall concurrently be ordered to leave the country within a specified period of time.
8. What should the foreign expert pay attention to when leaving China ?
When leaving China after expiration of engagement, the foreign experts, scholars and their family members may present their valid passport and valid residence certificate in China for exit. At the time of exiting, they shall present their residence certificate to the border inspection office for cancellation. Where they leave and are to reenter China within the term of validity of their residence, they shall, before leaving, apply to the local public security organ for reentry visas and present their residence certificate to the border inspection office at the time of exit.
9. Under what circumstances could the term of foreign experts' stay in China be curtailed or the status of residence in China be cancelled?
Where the aliens have violated the regulations or laws and are unfit for continually staying or residing in China but shall not be ordered to leave the country in limited time, their term of stay may be curtailed or the status of residence in China may be cancelled. The aliens must leave the country within the curtailed term.


10. What are the quarantine regulations of sanitation and health for foreign cultural and educational experts?

According to the "Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China", all people entering or leaving the country, their transportation tools, baggage, cargoes and postal parcels that could spread epidemic diseases should undergo quarantine in appointed areas. Except navigators, all other personnel should obtain permission from quarantine officers before they can disembark from their transportation, load or unload their cargo, luggage and postal parcels.

Passengers on ships and aviation transport that have to cast anchor or land in ports closed to aliens should not leave their transportation or load and unload cargo, luggage and postal parcels unless they obtain special permission from quarantine offices. Organizations and individuals who break the following regulations will be cautioned or fined:

(1) Those who evade quarantine or try to cover facts;

(2) Those who leave or board transportation, load or unload cargo, luggage and postal parcels without permission from quarantine officers.

Those who refuse to accept fines by the quarantine organizations should sue the    organization or the officers at the local People's Court within six days of receiving their penalty notice. Those who fail to sue within the period and refuse to be fined will have to pay the People's Court at the request of the quarantine offices.

Those who violate rules and endanger the public by spreading epidemic diseases will be punished according to the law.



11. What is the employment term under which foreign expert working in China must present their health certificate?

Article 5 of the Provisions for the Monitoring and Control of AIDS approved by the State Council on December 26, 1987, and promulgated jointly by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Education, the National Tourism Administration, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs stipulates that: when applying for entry visa, any foreigner who plans to settle down in China or stay (or study) in China for one year or longer is required to produce the AIDS Serological Examination Certificate issued by a public hospital or by a private hospital notarized by the notary office in the country of origin and the certificate must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate in the country. The certificate shall remain valid for six months as of the date of issue.

Among the foreign experts and workers working in China, except those who work in journalism or publication areas with working term of 1 year, most of them in the colleges work for 1 school year, but they used to travel or stay for some time in China after the expiration of the contract. However, the visa term is usually 1 year. Therefore, the invited foreign experts, the foreign workers and their family members shall present the health certificate including the AIDS Serological Examination.



12. How to handle the concrete procedures on the health certificate that the foreign experts are required to present?

The host institution may acquire the Health Examination Record of Aliens and Notice on the Sanitation and Quarantine for Entry uniformly printed by the Ministry of Public Health from the local sanitation and quarantine authority and send them to the foreign experts and foreign workers before they come to China . Alternatively, the institution may notify the invited persons to acquire them from Chinese overseas diplomatic missions or consular offices. Whatever the way is, the host institution must remind the invite persons to perform the health examination as required. The hospital shall fill in the Health Examination Record of Aliens of the invited persons to the local sanitation and quarantine authority for notarization. The sanitation and quarantine authority is responsible for the grant of Validation Certificate of Health Examination Record of Aliens and the public security organ issues the residence permit to alien according to the Validation Certificate.

13. What to do in case the foreign experts fail to undergo the AIDS Serological Examination for lack of necessary conditions before coming to China ?

The Provisions for the Monitoring and Control  of AIDS points out that: foreign nationals who fail to undergo AIDS serological examination in their home countries for lack of necessary conditions, must go to a designated professional health organ for the examination within 20 days after entry.
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