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SAFEA REGULATIONS #1 ? Meaning of term "foreign Experts" (55)


What is the meaning of the term "foreign cultural and educational experts" or "foreign teachers"?

The term "foreign cultural and educational experts" means the foreign specialists who are engaged in such areas as education, science & technology, journalism, publication, culture, art, sanitation, sports, science, economy, management, trade, accounting, tax, finance and law in China. The expert should have a degree of bachelor or higher level and working experience of more than two years.

2.What requirements should foreign cultural and educational experts or foreign teachers meet for working in China ?

(1) The invited object shall be friendly to China and willing to cooperate with us. Not only should he be excellent in professional level that enables the working commission but be good in healthy condition.

(2) Where the invited object is a foreign expert, he shall obtain the teaching and research experience for 3-5 years or more. The long-term cultural and educational expert shall gain master or higher degree or titles above instructor level and corresponding experience, meanwhile, the short-term invited expert shall be in possession of doctor degree or titles above associate professor and remarkable achievement in such academic areas.

(3) Where the invited object is the ordinary foreign teachers of language, he shall have gained the bachelor or higher degree and professional training on language teaching as well as some amount of language teaching experience.

3. Which department is in charge of the foreign experts affairs?
The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, P.R. China is the official organ under the central government and is in charge of the foreign experts working in China . Those foreign affairs offices and local administrations of foreign experts in provinces, areas and cities are local government offices or units in charge of foreign experts working in the local places. The local authorities concerned in the administration of foreign cultural and educational experts include the foreign affairs office, the education department (committee or bureau) and the public security department (bureau) of the local government.
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