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14. The diseases with which the foreigners are prohibited from entry into China :
According to the Rules for the Implementation of the Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens of the People's Republic of China , those who suffer from mental diseases, or infectious diseases such as leprosy, AIDS, venereal diseases or open tuberculosis shall not be permitted to enter China .
15. What to do in case the foreign experts are found, after arrival in China , suffering from serious chronic diseases and unable to continue the normal work?
After the foreign expert entered China , where the institution found he suffered from serious chronic diseases and could not continue his normal work, it shall promptly suspend the contract and deal with the exit procedures for him in time. In case the diseases are formerly suffered from but not reported when entering China , the traveling fee for returning to his country shall be undertaken by himself. While, in case the chronic diseases are caused after arrival in China , the host institution shall provide the air ticket for him to return home.
16. Which kinds of aliens are prohibited from entry?

(1) Those who are expelled by the Chinese Government whose terms of no-entry has not yet expired;

(2) Those who are considered prone to terrorist or subversive activities or violence after entering the country;

(3) Those who are considered prone to smuggling, prostitution or drug trafficking after entering the country;

(4) Those who suffer from mental diseases or infectious diseases prone to endanger public health;

(5) Those who lack the means to support themselves financially while staying in China ; and

(6) Those who are considered prone, after entering the country, to other activities that may jeopardize the state security and interests of our country.



17. Categories of aliens denied exit from China:

(1) A defendant in a criminal procedure or a criminal suspect listed by a public security organ or people's procurator office or people's court;

(2) A person under notice by a people's court to be denied exit for an unsettled civil procedure;

(3) A person awaiting decision for any other violation of Chinese law, whose case, in the opinion of competent authorities, calls for investigation.

Not until the relevant lawsuits and civil cases have been concluded, not until the reasons that prevent their exits have disappeared, are those involved allowed to leave China , with the approval of concerned Chinese departments.
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