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Every year we at NETWORK ESL process 1000's of applications. We receive and answer thousands of questions from persons interested in Teaching English in China . Many of the questions have similar foundations and refer to basic entitlements, others are less obvious before coming to China , and are often asked after, rather than before arrival.
The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers, we must stress at this point that these FAQ’s are intended to be read along with our information packages, in this way we are of the opinion most, if not all, your questions will be answered, if not, please “feel free” to inform us of any queries you may have that pertain to your living and working here in China and we will attempt to answer them immediately.
The questions and answers have been arranged into main categories in alphabetical order, they are not provided for teachers to use as a checklist rather, to provide teachers with details as to the various aspects of a teacher’s life in China.

The information contained herein is licensed and copyrighted to Link China Consulting and our associated businesses. It has come to our attention that this and other material has been stolen by a certain organization based in Hangzhou, China and is now the subject of legal proceedings. The person and organization involved is well known for copyright infringement and the constant theft of intellectual property.
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