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How many types of visas are offered in China ?
After examining the application of aliens, the authority in charge of visa shall grant corresponding visas to those who meet the requirement according to the application causes. Chinese government issues four types of visas: visa of diplomacy, visa of courtesy, visa of official matters and ordinary visas. General aliens obtain ordinary visas when they come to China .
In favor of the administration, ordinary visas are divided into seven types and each is marked with a capital letter.

(1) Visa D is issued to those who come to China for permanent residence.

(2) Visa Z is issued to those who come to work in China and their accompanying family members.

(3) Visa X is issued to those who come to China to study or practice as interns for more than six months.

(4) Visa F is issued to those who come to China to visit, teach, do business, or for cultural, scientific or technological exchanges for less than six months.

(5) Visa L is issued to those who come to China to travel, visit friends and relatives or to deal with some private matters.

(6) Visa G is issued to those who need a stopover in China .

(7) Visa C is issued to the crews of airplanes, trains and ships who are on regular visits to China . Their accompanying family members are issued with the same type of visa.

(8) Visa J-1 is delivered to foreign resident journalists in China and Visa J-2 to foreign journalists who come to China to gather news.

According to the above regulations, foreign experts who come to China for long-tem service should apply for Visa Z on their entry. Those who are invited to visit, teach or participate in the exchange of science, technology and culture and stay in China for a short term should apply for Visa F on entry.
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