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Your health should always be one of your top priorities in any country. ExpatsInChina has compiled a Health Guide full of useful resources--articles and listings of where to go.

China is the home to one quarter of the world's population, and increasingly its 1.3 billion people have flocked into highly prosperous cities like Shanghai and Beijing. China's gross domestic product (GDP) has grown at 8 to 10 per cent for 25 years, making its economy among the world's largest. Yet, the 900 million rural population lives in abject poverty. In the 1980s, abandoning Mao's socialist and collectivist strategy of central governmental control with social equality, the Chinese privatized and decentralized health care, resulting in huge disparities between urban and rural populations.

In China, the standards of medical care and availability of medicine vary immensely from region to region. Major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian etc. have well equipped medical facilities. Some hospitals have separate divisions for foreigners. There are Doctors and Nurses who can speak very well English. Highly qualified staff assures good medical attention. The fees are very reasonable.

Hospitals and Clinics Catering to Foreigners
(Foreigners are not admitted in many Beijing Hospitals)

  • Beijing International SOS Assistance
    Address: Building C,BITIC Jingyi Building #1 North Road,Xingfu San Cun
    Chaoyang District,Beijing,100027
    Clinic Appointments: +86(0)10-64629100
    Dental Clinic: +86(0)10-64620333
    24 hour Alarm Centre: +86(0)10-64629100
    Fax: +86(0)10-64629146

  • Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics
    2 Jiangtai Lu,chaoyang District

  • Beijing United Family Clinic-Shunyi
    Unir # 818 Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development,
    Shuiyi Diatrict

  • Beijing Vista Clinic
    B29 Kerry Center, 1 Guanghua Lu,
    Chaoyang District,

  • Beijing United Family Hospital
    Address: 2 Jiangtai Lu Chaoyang District Beijing
    Tel: +86(0)10-6433 3960

  • International Medical Center
    Address: S106 Lufthansa Business Center
    Tel: +86(0)10-6465 1561

  • Hong Kong International Clinic
    Address: 3rd Floor of Swissotel Hong Kong Macao Center
    Tel: +86(0)10-6501 2288 ext.2346
  • New World Eaton Medical Center
    5F Beijing New World Center,
    3 Chongwenmen Wai Dajie,

  • Ping Xin Tang Clinic
    218-2 , wangfujing
    +86(0)10-6523 5566(Chinese)
    136 8303 5591(English)

  • SK Hospital
    11 Shuiduizi Beli
    8596 1677(Chinese/English)
    8596 1678 (Japanese/ Korean)

Dental Service

  • Arrail Dental
    Rm201, Jianghui dasha, B118 Jianguo Lu
    +86(0)10-6567 5670

  • Knnwa dental
    6/F Bldg C., Oriental Silver, Dongzhimen Waidajie
    +86(0)10-8447 7859

  • King's Dantal
    1/F Beijing Towercerst Plaza, 3 Maizidian Sijie
    +86(0)10-8458 0388
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