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Transportation 1.2.4. Subway Currently, there are 5 lines of subway including Line 1, Line 2, Line 5, Line 13, and Batong Line. Ticket Price: RMB 2 yuan. The transfer between each two lines is free of charge. It is also planed that by 2008 the Olympic Games, Line 10 Part I and Airport line will be built; by the end of 2012 Line 10 Part II, Line 4, 6, 8, 9, Yizhuang Line, Daxing Line and Shunyi Line, a total distance of 407 km, shall be finished; by the end of 2015, another 5 lines including Line 7, 14, Datai Line, Changping Line, and Fangshan Line, a total distance of 561km, shall be finished too. Transportation Beijing subway plan 2008 (for reference only) Guide of taking a subway -- Find the subway station Beijing subway station is marked with a blue sign above the entrance, usually with the name of the station at the entrance. Get in the station from the entrance like this. -- Buy a ticket When you get in the station, follow the sign to buy a ticket at the ticket window, and then check in. -- Wait for the train Usually, there are two ways of trains heading for the opposite directions, so you must follow the sign and choose the right side to wait for your train. In some stations, you can get the waiting time information from the screens there. -- Take the train While taking the subway, you can enjoy some TV programs on the screen, and get the arriving station reminder from it too. -- Make a transfer The signs of transfer in Beijing Subway are very clear. If you need a transfer, just follow the signs. -- Get out of the station After you get out of the train, you shall take a look at the sign on exit information. Usually, there are four exits in one station, each leads to a different direction. Find the direction of your destination, and choose the right exit to get out of the station.
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