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During the 2008 Olympic Games, as the sole partner of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in terms of mobile communications services, China Mobile, through the GSM/GPRS 900/1800 dual-frequency network and the WLAN network, will provide all mobile communications services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

What roaming services are included in international mobile telecommunication?

(1) Voice International Roaming Service:

Dialing Procedures:

Dialing local telephones in China Directly dial the regional area code + the fixed telephone number, or directly dial the mobile phone number
Dialing international fixed telephones Dial 00 + national code + regional code + telephone number
Dialing international mobile telephones Dial 00 or plus sign(+) + national code + mobile phone number


When dialing fixed telephones in China, please add 0 before the regional code. For instance, you shall dial 010 for Beijing, 020 for Guangzhou and 021 for Shanghai. If you dial the telephones of countries or regions other than mainland China, you must use an international prefix such as 00 or the + sign.

International calling charges still apply when voice calling between two mobile phones accessible to the international roaming services within the same country or region. For more information about international roaming charges, please call your national mobile telecommunications operator.

(2) International short-message service (SMS):

After editing the contents of short messages, customers shall enter within the column of sender number: the international prefix (00 or plus sign (+)) + national code + user mobile number, then you can send international short messages.


1. If China Mobile and its roaming partner haven't initialized international short-message service, it's impossible to exchange international short messages with the customers of aforesaid roaming partners.

2. In some countries and regions, telecommunication operators only provide single-direction international short-message service. In other words, you can send international short messages to the customers of above telecommunication operators, but are unable to receive international short messages from them. For more details, please call the Beijing customer service hotline of China Mobile -- (+8610) 10086 or talk to a customer representative in a China Mobile service hall.

(3) GPRS international roaming service:

If China Mobile and its roaming partner have initialized GPRS international roaming service, the customers of aforesaid roaming partner can gain access to the network of China Mobile and use the GPRS international roaming service.

How to use the mobile phone you've brought from abroad in Beijing?

(1) If foreign spectators wish to directly use the phone numbers assigned by their domestic telecommunication operators, they should initialize international roaming service with their local provider before their entry to China.

Foreign spectators shall initialize international roaming services of their mobile phone numbers with their domestic mobile telecommunication operators. Additionally, your domestic mobile telecommunication operator shall sign the agreement on international roaming services with China Mobile. Your international roaming service charges will be collected according to the applicable charging rates as specified by your domestic mobile telecommunication operator.

(2) If foreign spectators enter China with their domestic mobile phones, they can buy SIM phone cards and pre-paid phone cards in Beijing to enjoy all the businesses and services provided by China Mobile.
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