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House Rules

Please read the following rules and regulations in order to ensure a safe, pleasant and orderly attendance at Olympic events.

1. All sites and venues will open two hours prior to the start of competition. Everyone has to go through security checks. Please allow enough time for travel to the venue and for queuing to pass security.

2. To avoid delays at security and to maintain an orderly flow, please DO NOT bring the following articles to any venue:

 -- food and beverages in either hard or soft containers

 -- breakable objects and containers; drums, horns and whistles

 -- bulky, large bags or cases which will not fit in the seating areas

 -- flags of non-members of the Olympics or Paralympics; flags or banners larger than 2 m x 1 m; flagpoles; any banners, slogans, fliers, brochures or samples

 -- unauthorized professional photographic equipment

 -- knives, bats, long-handled umbrellas, sticks, camera tripods, or sharp, pointed articles that could injure others

 -- animals (lead dogs for the blind excepted)

 -- any wheeled equipment other than strollers or wheelchairs

 -- any electronic equipment that could interfere with the electronic signals of the Olympics, such as unauthorized walkie-talkies, megaphones, radios, laser gadgets or wireless equipment, etc.

 -- firearms, ammunition, crossbows, daggers and other controlled weapons; explosives such as fireworks and firecrackers; corrosive and radioactive materials expressly prohibited by Chinese law

3. All spectators have to sit in their numbered seat. Read the seating instructions on your ticket and go to the corresponding location. For assistance, ask nearby staff.

4. To ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, the following behavior in any venue is considered inappropriate and will be stopped:

 -- smoking in non-smoking areas

 -- climbing over barriers, walking on seats, throwing objects into the stands or field of competition

 -- entering non-disabled seat areas with baby carriages or wheelchairs

 -- entering restricted areas, such as VIP sections, those reserved for staff, and the field of competition

 -- opening umbrellas or parasols in the seating areas, standing for long periods and blocking the view, or any other behavior that affects the enjoyment of other spectators

 -- deliberately displaying signage on clothing or other items; group displays of identical or similar patterns, color combinations or commercial logos on clothing

 -- any behavior that disrupts the athletes, games officials, and coaches, that interferes with the smooth running of the event, or impedes other spectators from watching, including but not limited to, using a flash to take pictures, being in a drunken state, and disobeying instructions from the staff

5. Without prior official permission, the following activities are prohibited: any kind of publicity, advertising, displays or collection of money; distributing sales promotion samples or merchandise with commercial logos; TV reporting or using professional recording equipment.

6. It is strictly forbidden to harass referees, athletes or other personnel; no gambling of any kind will be tolerated; rallies, sit-ins, demonstrations, drunken behavior, streaking and any other activities that disrupt the Games, or are illegal under Chinese law, are strictly prohibited.

The provisions in this Official Spectator Guide may be interpreted slightly differently at individual venues. This discretionary power resides with the Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG). For more information on venue opening times and regulations please call (+86 10) 12308. BOCOG provides services in 14 languages and dialects in all, including Mandarin Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mongolian, Arabic, Cantonese, Southern Fujian Chinese dialect and others.
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