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Most Chinese schools usually provide breakfast and dinner to the students and Chinese teachers who reside at the school. The Foreign teacher may if he/she desires eat for free, or at heavily discounted rates, at the school cafeteria. All meals are well balanced and nutritious and best of all extremely cheap (approximately 1-3RMB per meal).

A detailed tour of the city will be conducted for the Foreign Teacher on arrival - different bus routes and prices (in regard to food etc) are explained, along with other modes of transport. The main mode of transportation intra-city is bus or taxi and in smaller cities mamu (Chinese passenger motorbike). Most schools also provide a bike for the foreign teacher to commute within the city.

If you wish to do extensive traveling whilst in China , the school can and will arrange, or help with all details, as will our organization.


The current exchange rate (May, 2005) for the United States of USA dollar (USD) to the Reminbi (RMB) is USD$1.00-8.30RMB.

Thus, everything is China is very cheap. These are just a few examples:

- Intra city bus fare 0.5-1.00RMB ($0.06USD - $0.12 USD)

- Mamu 2RMB ($O.24 USD)

- Packet of cigarettes 2-10RMB ($0.24 USD - $1.20 USD)

- Bottle of beer (600ml) 2RMB ($0.24 USD)

- Average breakfast - 1-2RMB

- Average lunch - 5RMB

- Average dinner - 5-8RMB.

- 1/ 2 Kg pork 11RMB ($1.32 USD)

- 1/ 2 Kg beef 15RMB ($1.87 USD)

- Weekly supply of vegetables - 10 RMB

- Bottle of coke or fanta (600ml) - 2.5RMB

- KFC Burger - 10RMB - ($1.20 USD)

- McDonalds ? Big Mac ? 10RMB ($1.20 USD)

- Purchase of a VCD/DVD disk - 2-5RMB

- CD’S/Tapes 1-5RMB

- Top quality DVD player - 800RMB ($96.40 USD)

- VCD player - 200RMB ($24.00 USD)

- MP3 ? 200RMB ($24.00 USD)


Clothes and shoes are extremely cheap. As China is primarily a market based economy, items such as gold, silver, diamond, jade Chinese artefacts etc are extremely cheap, also the provision for bargaining is extremely high. For example, it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that when buying clothes and shoes etc, to begin bargaining at 66% off the marked price. On most items a discount of 50% is acceptable to the customer and the merchant alike.

Again, a liaison with this organization and/or the school will aid the Foreign Teacher in order to “show him/her the ropes” concerning living and working in China .

A Foreign Teacher is generally expected to complete 18-20 teaching lessons per week. Each lesson is for a period of 45 minutes, these are termed academic hours.Given that the Foreign Teacher is working only an average of approximately 14 actual classroom hours per week (average 19 classes at 45 minutes per class) the ability for the Foreign Teacher to work elsewhere arises, and presents a great opportunity to earn additional income.

There are TWO TERMS to a Chinese schooling year. Term one is from September through to mid-January. Term two from mid-late February through to late June. Schools are employing Foreign Teachers all year round, and as such, so is our organization.

The duration of each Foreign Teacher contract is for 10-12 months, with a few contracts lasting 6 months. It is advised that applicants consider a 10-12 month contract, as the benefits that accrue are far more substantial. The option for contract renewal also exists.

When we discuss salary, in regard to a country like China , it must be remembered that the cost of living is extremely low. As is shown with the example of comparative prices of goods and services stated previously. Also remember that all salary earned in China is TAX FREE (under 4000RMB)

The starting salary for a Foreign Teacher with no experience in China is between 4000 - 4500RMB per month (all salary in China is quoted on a monthly basis). The average for most first year teachers is 4500RMB per month. This is a substantial salary in China .

As stated previously this is for 18-20 classes of teaching per week as required by the contracting schools. Approximately 14 hours of teaching contact time per week. There is no requirement for a teacher to mark or grade papers. There is however, a requirement to prepare for lessons, which we can and do assist you with.

Salary increases in relation to a teachers qualifications, experience and time of application, as we have packages from 3000RMB ? 20000RMB


With this in mind, our organization advises on further employment for our Foreign Teachers if they so desire. Additional employment is sourced through various contacts and private schools throughout the particular region.We offer this service, because we are realistic enough to understand that asking people to leave their country for such a small salary is in itself, unrealistic, thus we provide extra services and benefits, with this in mind.

We will attempt to seek for any Foreign Teacher, through the Employment agency, additional hours of employment with a private English School or classes upon request. The number of hours provided will obviously depend on the particular time of the year (eg winter and summer holidays, extra work is plentiful).

As each additional hour above the Foreign Teachers contracted school classroom teaching is, on average, paid at a rate of 80-120RMB per hour - the opportunity to increase a Foreign Teachers salary to an acceptable salary level exists.

Many teachers take this opportunity to earn extra income and save money to repay university loans etc back in their country.


In addition to this, the contracted school will reimburse the Foreign Teacher a return airfare, for a 10 ? 12 month contract to and from any of the major points of entry into Mainland China .


In the vast majority of positions your school will pay for electricity and water and some other bills

The associated savings in regard to rent and living expenditures (eg provision in most instances of electricity, water etc) are also an associated benefit of the salary package.

Health care and medical insurance and the like in China are also considered significant benefits of a salary package, as again, in most instances all costs are borne by the school.

Not including additional benefits such as medical insurance, free health care, a tax-free income and full airfare reimbursement a good salary package can be obtained by working in China .
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