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The main calendar holidays that a teacher can expect to enjoy whilst in China for one full year are:

Chinese Summer holidays ? July and August each year
As a Foreign Teacher, you will enjoy holidays as a Chinese Teacher and thus you will receive (depending on the time you commence your employment) at least 4 weeks vacation for the winter holidays in January and February. And approximately 4 weeks for the summer holidays in July and August each year. In addition, in most instances the school will supply 2200RMB for holiday traveling money.

During the school terms there are numerous long weekends and days leave due to events such as school sports days and national holidays etc.
Chinese National Day Holiday ? first week in October - duration 5-9 days

Chinese Winter holidays ? Mid-January through to start to mid-February<

May Day holidays ? first week in May ? duration 5-9 days

School sponsored excursions are also common, but this depends solely on the good nature of the Foreign Teachers School .
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