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Hi, Just a note to say how happy I am with my first impressions of this college. Lily the other staff could not have been more helpful and welcoming. My apartment and the equipment inside, is brand new and could not be bettered anywhere in China in my experience. The College grounds and campus are a credit to the administration, so well kept, clean and tidy everywhere, and the students I have met so far are well behaved, keen and attentive.

Thanks for organizing this position for me, I'm sure I could not have asked for a better establishment and environment in which to work.

Kind Regards

Chris Fitzgerald


Thank you for your email. We can confirm the arrival date and time is correct.We are both excited and anxious about our imminent arrival in China ; We ope that if the School are as helpful and friendly as yourself we will have a very memorable experience in your Country.

Sorry in the delay in getting back to you. We don't have any problems, as the school has more than lived up to their obligations. The teachers, the dean and the students are all very good, it helps because their English is good enough to carry on a conversation. Thanks for your concern and talk to you again,

The Koblun's

  I'm writing to tell you that Mary and I are very happily settled inour teaching positions in ####, at #### Middle School. LilyFang and all the other teachers here have been very friendly and supportive, and have made our transition to living and teaching herego smoothly. We feel very lucky to have such a good teachingsituation, and want to thank you for putting us in contact withthis Middle School, and for doing so much work to get us overhere, especially with the work visas. I am sorry that we did not thank you earlier for making thearrangements to get us to Zhoushan from Shanghai. The trip went quitesmoothly. It helped a lot to get a good night's sleep at the hotel,and it was a pleasure to meet your friend Xieyuan and her husband asthey guided us to the bus station. Thank you very much for making possible our placement in these jobs,and for doing so much to smooth our arrival in China.    Best,Tyler  

Dear Mr. Lester,

My name is Alex Ryan. Thank you for your enquiry.  I am currently here in Xi'an working in a position your organisation found me, I found the service of your company most pleasureable.

Alex Ryan


hanks for the email with all the lesson material im sure i will find it all very use full for my lesson.Also like to thank you for finding me this job in Jiaxing everything is going great and }I have settled very quickly into my job
Kind regards
Lee Watson

From James and Froi:

I just thought I should share this with you..... coz,  YOU'RE A GIFT TO US!  Thanks for assisting us to have this great job in this awesome place with wonderful people to work with!  Again, many thanks to you!Cheers,FROI" Feeling gratitude and not expressing it,

is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
--William Arthur Ward<

Hi Chris, 

Your service is second to none,the best I have experienced since I have been in China.I have no problem living in China,neither with the students,teachers or the culture.I am looking forward to a proposal package.

Regards JOHN

The Hilyards: From We are just loving it.  It is more than we had hoped for.  The school is great, the accommodation is wonderful, it is a semi detached house with a kitchen/dining, two bedrooms, sitting room and study.  The bathroom is good and it has a courtyard. The school head took us out for dinner and that was great.I would recommend this situation to anyone interested in coming to China.  Bill is wonderful in his care of us.  Thanks for getting us the position.Kind regards 


From Neil and Trish:

Thanks for your energy in finding us the jobs. Things are going great. Just finished the first week of teaching and counting our blessings. Superb accommodation, great liaison people, wonderful students ?great examples of humanity and to add spice to life enough communicating challenges to keep the creative faculties alive.    Trish Monahan Neil Thomas
From The Duniams: Yvonne & I greatly appreciate the professional way in how you conduct your teacher recruitment affairs. It gives us confidence for the future in China.    Best wishes Ron & Yvonne Duniam
Hi Chris

We wish to thank you & Helen for all your support during our time with the ### Foreign Language Teachers College.I, Ron would like to say that despite same difficulties experienced it has been a wonderful experience for me personally, one which I will never forget. Working with the students was delightful? enjoyable.?I would certainly like the opportunity to work again in China in the future. Best wishes

Ron & Yvonne Duniam
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