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On arrival in China your contracting schools Foreign Director and other school representatives will greet you at the airport, where if time permits, you will be given a tour of the places of interest in the city. At this point you will be driven in the School car to your school and introduced to the school community and the city in general.

Within approximately four weeks all processing of details in China will take place and will be completed. Details such as:- Medical Examinations, Foreign Residency Permits (which allows the holder/bearer to reside permanently in China for the period stipulated on the permit) and Foreign Experts Certificate (a certificate which permits the holder/bearer to teach English in China).

All applicants will be shown to their accommodation. Then, in the majority of cases, the following, upon request, will take place:

- A tour of the city.

- Orientation of the city, its markets, entertainment, venues, parks, restaurants, western/foreign cafes and city offices.

- A detailed description by the Foreign Director of the employment requirements of the Foreign Teacher.

- A full description of all the details relating to Foreign Teacher rights, duties and responsibilities.

- All enquiries, and subsequent, assistance is provided by the school

- The school is primarily responsible for the Foreign Teachers well being, and as such all concerns, queries and requests should initially be relayed through the school.

Our organization has numerous PLACEMENT MANAGERS and CHINESE REPRESENTATIVES in all provinces and we are only a phone call away in order to resolve any problem speedily and to the satisfaction of the Foreign Teacher.

Thus, A FULL SUPPORT NETWORK is at the foreign teachersdisposal. Coupled with this, is that our organization works closely with these contracting schools, thus any problems are easily and successfully dealt with.


The accommodation that is provided by your Chinese institution is provided to you in accordance with set guidelines laid down by the Chinese National and Provincial Governments and the SAFEA Bureau and may contain some or all of the following items:

- Most Foreign Teacher accommodation is within the school premises. This ensures teacher safety and ease of access to classrooms and facilities.

- Modern 1,2 or3 bedroom Apartment.

- Fully self - contained.

- Kitchen, bathroom, western toilet (in most instances), computer room, lounge/sitting room, dining room - approximately 50m2 - 100m2.

- Air-conditioning for summer and reverse cycle heating in winter.

- TV, VCD/DVD player (in most instances), computer.

- Fully furnished apartment (beds, couches, computer desks etc).

- Phone

- All kitchen utensils - all cookers and gas stove and cooking utensils.

- Washing machine.

- Foreign Teacher enjoys FREE electricity and water.

- All necessary bedding and linen.

- The Foreign Teacher may choose to hire a cleaner and a cook - a very cheap and easy option, usually costing 150 RMB each/month.

* Please note that this list is provided to you as a guideline of what to expect in regards to your accommodation and is not provided as a checklist.
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