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It would be greatly appreciated if the majority of the requested documents could be forwarded, via email as soon as is possible, and if at all possible and at the same time so as to expediate the processing of your documentation here in China , and thus assist in the speedy submission of your employment package.

Thus, could you please inform us if you are genuinely interested in this exciting opportunity, so that we can “get the ball rolling” with a view to supply you with your employment position as soon as possible, and with a view to arriving in China in late-August.

If you have any questions in relation to the above or in regard to any matter whatsoever, big or small, pertaining to your living and working here in China please inform us as soon as possible and we will attempt to answer them immediately.

We can assure every applicant that our service is UNIQUE due to the manner in which we provide positions to our teachers.NETWORK ESL offers a FULL SUPPORT NETWORK for you whilst in China and, we have Native speakers and Chinese representatives in China full-time to assist you with your enquiries and requirements, a service which, we provide free of charge.

Please also remember the service our network offers is the best available, as the service is personal from your initial enquiries and continues throughout your entire stay in this fascinating country.

All of us here at the NETWORK ESL sincerely look forward to your favorable reply so that we may facilitate you in the attainment of a position ASAP. See you in China!
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