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The service we offer is firstly, COST FREE, we ask for no money at   any time.
You will be provided with your own CASE MANAGER , who solely deals with your case.
We will provide you with a PLACEMENT MANAGER, who is in China to answer all your queries before and during your stay in  China .
We are the only company that offers DIRECT CONTACT with your  prospective school before you arrive in China, so that you have the opportunity to obtain as much information as possible.
It is MORE PERSONAL, as you only deal with a small group of<  people, people that are dedicated to providing you with a quality  service, a service that is not provided by any other organization.
The information in regard to contracts, teaching material, lesson  plans, employment location etc, these are provided to you so as to  FULLY INFORM YOU about your decision to come here.
Once you arrive in China, the SERVICE REMAINS PERSONAL, as we will assist you with further employment, dispute resolution (should it arise), and the like, we will be a link between you and your contracted school.
If you would like to view sample photos of schools and teachers,  view sample lesson text material, sample employment packages,  maps of different cities etc please let us know, and we will email  them to you.
Our organization is in direct and EXCLUSIVE cooperation and  partnership with OVER 4000 SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND  UNIVERSITIES in China.
We all hope to see and meet you here in China to commence this exciting opportunity in the not too distant future!
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