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Situated in China's central plains, the city of Zhengzhou is bordered on the west and north respectively by Mount Song (one of China's five sacred mountains) and the Yellow River.  Its strategic location along two major railways has made it a principal transportation center and subsequently, the capital of Henan province. 

Summers in the Zhengzhou region are mild, with temperatures staying at an average of 80F (27C), but winters can drop to -2C (31.6F) during January, the coldest month.  Though summers and winters can feel long, spring and autumn are worth the wait. Days are often overcast or partially cloudy, and the topography is mostly flat with rolling foothills that increase in size the closer you get to Mount Songshan. 

The expatriate community in Zhengzhou is small and scattered, as most people pass through Zhengzhou on their way to the Shaolin Monastery ("Shaolin Temple")  or other nearby tourist destinations.  The largest contingent of Zhengzhou expatriates is comprised of English teachers from North America, Australia and England.  If you have arrived in Zhengzhou to teach English, your school should be paying for your accommodations, but if you're looking to rent a place for yourself, you're in luck.  Zhengzhou's apartment rental prices rank among the cheapest among China's capital cities.  Enjoy an 80sqm, 2-bedroom furnished Chinese apartment for a paltry RMB 1,000 per month. RMB 2,200 can put you up in a 150sqm place.  That is, if you go through a Chinese rental agency.  (Find out how in our Real Estate guide).

There are a couple of international dining options in Zhengzhou, including Mama Mia Pizzeria and Haoxianglai Zhongxi Canting, but most expatriates take the opportunity to get accustomed to Chinese lunches and dinners for as little as RMB 4.  Internationally-geared nightlife options are pretty limited, but again, the local Chinese clubs are a rollicking good time of unfamiliar dance music and shiny lighting figures in an explosion of colors. If you're desperate for a night out with English speakers, you may try the hotel bars in Sofitel and similar resort establishments.  Otherwise, check out Target Pub or, for a more elegant evening, Black Tea Bar.

Public transportation is fair, with taxi prices starting at RMB8 and increasing incrementally after the first 3 kilometers.  Trollybuses also operate around the city center. 

For western groceries and amenities, try French mega-market chain Carrefour at 126 Wenhua Lu (Tel: 0371-63569216).
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