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Geographical Position

Shenzhen is located between 113.46 and 114.37 east longitude,and between 22.27and 22.52 north latitude. It is in the South of Guangdong Province and to the south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Shenzhen is demarcated from Hong Kong by the Shenzhen River in the South, and is bordered by Dongguan and Huizhou to the north. Its sea is part of the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural port city with Daya Bay in the east and the Lingding Sea to the west.


Shenzhen has a subtropical maritime climate with plenty of rain and sunshine. It is never blazingly hot in the summer and the season can last for as long as six months. It is mild in spring, autumn and winter. It is not very cold in winter. The annual average temperature is 22.4, with the highest temperature being 36.6 and the lowest 1.4. The year's frost-free period can be as long as 355 days. The rainy season lasts from May to September. Annual average rainfall is 1,933.3 mm. Typhoons usually occur in summer and autumn, luckily most typhoons are obstructed by mountains. Only about once in every two years, on average, is the urban area hit directly by a typhoon.


The total area of Shenzhen is 1948.69 square kilometers. The size of the Special Economic Zone is 391.71 square kilometers. Shenzhen is mainly undulating with an occasional plain tableland, declining from the southeast to the northwest. The western part of Shenzhen comprises coastal plains. Mount Wutong, with an altitude of 943.7m, is the city's highest peak.


Shenzhen started to receive immigrants at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1179). when Shenzhen City was established, there were only 31.41 natives, most of them Hakkas.

By the end of 2001, permanent resident population in Shenzhen totaled 4.67 million, including some 2.558 million living within the Special Economic Zone, average age was less than 30. the "New Immigrants"are from throughout the country and account for 90 percent of Shenzhen's population.

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