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Fuzhou, also known as Rongcheng City (The Banyan Tree City), is the capital of Fujian Province.

Located on the banks of the Min River, this famous cultural city has a history spanning nearly 2,000 years. Historically, the city was known throughout China as a major commercial port specializing in tea, but its relevance to the west came only after the Opium War when the city was designated by the Treaty of Nanjing as one of five treaty ports.

The city proper is approximately 12,000 square kilometers and inhabited by 6.6 million people. Fuzhou enjoys relatively warm weather all year long with annual temperatures of 19.6º C. Winter temperatures can drop to 7C (44F) while summers are characterized by hot temperatures (maximum 35C or 94F) and heavy rain since the city is in the typhoon zone.

Fuzhou's various specialty products are cherished both domestically and abroad. The 'Three Treasures of Fuzhou' consist of bodiless lacquer ware, Shou Mountain stone carvings and Fuzhou cork pictures. Tea drinkers around the world praise Wulong tea and Tieguanyin for their taste and health benefits.

Fuzhou has several commercial areas including Dong Jie Kou (a traditional commercial block), Wuyi Lu (emporiums and large-scale shopping centers), Bayiqi Lu (longstanding, bustling shopping street), Taijiang Lu (mainly for small commodities and second hand market), Zhongting Jie (indoor pedestrian street), Cha Ting Jie (small hand-made crafts) and Zhongzhou Dao (the first pedestrian shopping island. In addition, many large-scale modern shopping venues can be found throughout Fuzhou.

Living in Fuzhou has its advantages: economical housing, wonderful and varied cuisine and relatively low transportation costs. The city offers a wide range of housing options, from fixer-uppers to luxury apartments with all the amenities. Housing prices range from RMB700 to RMB1,600. When looking for a rental, it is best to go through a real estate agency and take a translator with you to ensure the terms of the contract are clear and fair.

Fuzhou's dishes are representative of Min Cuisine (one of the eight major cuisines of China). Min cuisine features chicken, seafood, river fish and shrimp with most dishes being served in soup. The most famous dish is the seafood, meat and vegetable medley uniquely named 'Buddha Jumps over the Wall'. Litchi pork, Shixiangzui spareribs and chicken soup with clams are also highly recommended. As an alternative to Chinese food, several international restaurants can be found throughout the city.

Because of Fuzhou's relatively warm weather, bicycling is quite common. Other modes of transportation include taxis which start at RMB8, and buses which range from RMB1 to RMB2.

Living in Fuzhou is quite convenient. If you are coming to the city with children, Fuzhou has international schools that can take care of their educational needs (Fuzhou Sunshine International Kindergarten and Fuzhou Sunshine International School). The city does not have an international hospital, but Fuzhou General Hospital does provide comprehensive medical care. Cravings for those harder to find items (cheese, pasta, coffee, chocolate, junk food, etc.) can be satisfied at the local Carrefour, Sam's Club and Metro.
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