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Hefei is the Provincial capital of Anhui province, in central Eastern China. Though the name Hefei has been applied to the region since around the second century BC, it was not officially made the capital of Anhui until after the Chinese victory in the second Sino-Japanese war in 1945. Until 1949, the city was a smaller center that specialized in the production and collection of grains, beans and other agricultural products, but since then has gradually became an industrial center with strong capabilities in automotive and engineering machinery manufacture, household appliances, chemicals and new building materials.

Hefei's local products are still dependant on regional agriculture, however, and the city is well known for fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, pears and kiwi. Some interesting handicrafts are produced in Hefei and surrounding Anhui, including bamboo carvings, '' huobi painting,'' (images burned into wood or bamboo), and Ningguo Bamboo Paintings. The region is also quite famous for producing the four tools needed to do traditional Chinese calligraphy, ink, brushes, inkstones and paper, the local examples of which are quite fine.

Hui cuisine is well known for using a lot more wild game than other regional cuisines of China, offering a change from the conventional fare that is available elsewhere. Also, there is a strong reliance on fragrant ingredients that give many of the local dishes intoxicating aromas. Spices and flowers are regularly used in cooking to achieve this.

Located about 130km west of Nanjing, Hefei has a subtropical monsoon climate, and enjoys four distinct seasons. January is the coldest month, with temperatures that dip to around freezing, with irregular snowfall. Summer months tend to be very warm and humid, with temperatures hitting the high 30s. Autumn is the best time to visit Hefei, but the spring (particularly May and June) can be unpleasant, with acrid smog blanketing the city as air quality levels drop, due to the farmers in the surrounding regions burning their fields in preparation for planting.
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