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China's Independent Foreign Policy of Peace

China is pledged to the preservation of world peace and preserving independence. This includes the facilitation of the establishment of a new international political and economic order that is fair and rational, the offer to establish and develop friendly relations with other countries, the pursuit of a policy of openness, an active role in multilateral diplomatic activities, and an upholding of UN security policies as a permanent member of the Security Council.

Relations with Major Powers

United States

China and the U.S. share many ideals in common, including counter-terrorism, crackdown on international crime, boosting global economy, preventing and treating diseases and environmental protection. In interest of these goals, along with the overall goal of peace and stability, Sino-US relations have been growing more stable over the years.


China and Russia are long time allies who are increasing their neighborly relations with a strategic economic and security policy.


China's relationship with Japan in the 21st century is somewhat strained due to old grievances leftover from the latter half of the 20th century; however, overall, relations have been positive. Many old wounds have been healed and the two countries have embraced trade and security as major common goals.

European Union

China is a strong supporter of the European Union's integration process, which is currently at 25 member nations. Relations are being strengthened with cultural exchanges, increased political dialogue, and cooperation in economic and trade fields.

Relations With Developing Countries

China's policy in regards to developing nations is to support them through trade and positive relations that are mutually beneficial to both nations. China recognizes an international need to cooperate in order to realize their development
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