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In China, the citizen's right to education is guaranteed, and a 9 year education is mandatory for all children. The literacy rate is over 95% for children and middle aged persons. China also supports a foreign studies program with roughly 700,000 students currently abroad or recently returned.

Science and Technology

The ongoing research and development of science and technology is a major Chinese goal. The Chinese government believes that science and technology are important gateways into the future, and so has put scientific study into the forefront of its agenda.


China has begun the undertaking of a number of cultural projects in recent years. Among them are the construction of a National Grand Theater, the National Museum, the second-phase construction of the National Library and the National Digital Library, and expansion of the theater of the National Theater Co. of China and the China National Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the repair of the Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. In addition, China is number 3, globally, in terms of concentration of cultural sights, with a total of 29 official locations of cultural importance including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Jiuzhaigou Valley. Many films, books, plays, newspapers, and magazines are all produced in China every year as well.

Public Health

China is fighting to cure treatable diseases among its citizens. AIDS, Cancer, and, recently, SARS have been a top priority of Chinese Healthcare.

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