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China's Economy became a mixed economy after 1978 when the economic reform began. Since then, by utilizing a series of 5 year plans created to tackle a number of economic probles as they arose, the standard of living in China has greatly imporoved. It is forcasted that by 2030 the Gross National Production of China will be equal to that of the United States. This is being achieved by increasing the output of farmers and industry in a way that no CPC economic policy has done in the past, by not allowing ideologies to prevent China from using "whatever works" to increase productivity, and gradually implelenting elements of capatalism into Chinese Socialism. In the past few years, China has been working hard to ensure supplies of resources such as oil and raise the standard of living in China even further.


Because of China's huge population and landmass, it is one of the world's foremost agricultural powers. Much of China's farmlands is suitable for growing many differant types of crops,

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