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One cost-effective way to publicize your business, is to use the news media. This means that you will have to contact a working journalist. The relationship that you develop with journalists as well as the content of your message and how it is written is critical to the success or failure of your message before used.

You have three main choices, press, radio, or television. Your choice will depend on the kind of people you want to reach, the type of message you want to get across, how much detail you want in it, and how urgent it is. The use of press is most suitable for in-depth messages. Articles should be well-researched and be accompanied by photographs if possible.

The reporter’s job is to gather, process, and report, the news.

China Multimedia will help you to understand the difficulties of the job and the struggle to meet deadlines set by the editor. Our team will show you how to help a reporter and ways in which to foster a good working relationship with the media.
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