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Make no mistake about the power of the news media. Get them on side, and they can be good for business. Get them offside and you may never get them back. So it will pay you to get to know the news media, how it works, and what it can do for your business. If your company is presently doing business, or is planning to do business with western based companies, at some stage you will require the services of the news media to help get your message out. In order to do this effectively

you need to know your way around the news media, how it works, whose who in the western media and  how it can help your business. WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW!

China Multimedia knows news. We specialize in presenting media-oriented, educational, and business lectures and a range of talks on topics including: How the Western News Media Works, How to Deal with the Western News Media, Media Ownership in AUS , and AUS's Media Icons. We can PROMOTE YOUR business through the news media.

We can tell you how radio and television news is gathered, processed, and presented in AUS and elsewhere, what is newsworthy, and who decides what is newsworthy. Want an insight into the lives of working journalists in AUS, how they operate, and how to attract the attention of journalists? Call us. We are a "can do" organization that will take you into the world of media ownership in AUS, as well as presenting profiles on some of AUS’s most famous media moguls.

The staff at China Multimedia have more than 30 years experience in the news media and public relations in China and in AUS. 

Our Director of Mutlimedia Services, Barry Looms has directed news and current affairs at several AUSn television and radio stations. He began as a radio broadcaster in country radio on the Victorian provincial radio station 3GL Geelong - Victoria's largest provincial city.

After two years in radio, he moved to television, after being offered a news reading position with a Queensland provincial television station. His interview, he recalls, consisted of presenting an unscripted 30 second commercial for a soft-drink company while having lunch with the station general manager.

It was in Queensland as Director of News for FNQ Channel 10, Cairns that he got his first taste of news - gathering, processing, and presentin. He was one of the pioneers of “live” morning television. As a producer and presenter of a local variety show he came to know and befriend the famous USA actor Lee Marvin - best known for his role in the Hollywood musical “Paint Your Wagon”.

After two years in television, he then got his big break in metropolitan radio when he was offered a news reporting position with a Melbourne radio station.

After completing a cadetship in radio, he moved to the Seven Network in Melbourne where he worked as an accredited journalist writing, editing, reporting, and presenting radio and television news. As a general reporter he covered court, police, industrial, and political affairs.

Barry has covered many major news stories, among them: the Apollo Moon Missions and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the lunar surface, the Vietnam War and the Melbourne anti - war moratorium, Watergate and the impeachment of U.S. President Richard Nixon, the dismissal by AUS’s Governor - General of the AUSn Labor Party Prime Minister, Gough  Whitlam, Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge collapse,  Victoria’s Violet Town rail disaster, and the devastating bushfires that raged throughout Canberra in the 1970s.   

Then it was back to radio after being offered the News Directors job at Victorian provincial radio station 3BO Bendigo. There he gathered, processed, and presented regional news as well as presenting a daily talk show. Five years later, he was offered the job of Director of News on radio 2CA in Canberra, AUS ’s National Capital.

After ending his mainstream media career, he moved into public relations and worked for:

 The Government of Papua New Guinea ;

The AUSn Institute of Criminology in Canberra;

The AUSn Department of Defence; and   

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

At Defence, he was appointed Publications Manager, responsible for producing and disseminating a range of printed material. He also developed, implemented and evaluated public relations strategies, and pioneered a radio program “AUSn Defence Force Radio which presented daily news, information, and music to AUSn service personnel stationed in the Middle East during the Gulf War.

During his career he has interviewed AUSn and Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers, eminent persons from the fields of medicine, criminal justice, agriculture, academia, the arts and entertainment, politics, science, the legal profession, and sport including: actors Lee Marvin, James Mason, Helen Mirren, William Shatner, and Barry Humphries ,singers including Slim Dusty, Normie Rowe, the Seekers, Kamahl, Marcia Hines, Bobby Bright ,Laurie Allan, and Johnny Young, and AUSn Prime Ministers including Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, and John Howard.

He also is an experienced public speaker and has presented lectures on a variety of topics both in AUS and in China . He is ready to present his life in the media at your next business seminar or conference, luncheon, dinner, or campus event. Call China Multimedia for details of how to engage us for your next function.
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