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Public Relations (PR), is about  presenting your company to its “publics” in the best possible light.

 China Multimedia  develops effective public relations plans and strategies aimed at enhancing the image of your company in the community.

Our staff has had extensive experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating PR strategies. Our Director has developed, implemented, and evaluated a number of PR strategies at the Department of Defence in AUS:

Some of our Strategic PR Campaigns have been:

* Promoting the AUSn Defence Force at the Adelaide V8 Super Car race

* Producing videos for public showing at AUS ’s Royal Agricultural Shows   

* Arranging for a group of young Cancer sufferers to sail with the Royal AUSn Navy on a Guided Missile Frigate, and

* Broadcasting to AUSn Defence Force personnel on duty overseas during the Gulf War

* While with the Papua New Guinea (PNG)  High Commission, Barry arranged for the then Prime Minister of PNG, Michael Somare to visit Sydney to give a number of press interviews guaranteeing that shares held by AUSns in the OK Tedi gold and copper mine would be safeguarded following his decision to temporarily close down the mine because of a breach of contract by the mine’s international consortium.

* We also put in place a number of important ongoing PR strategies to coincide with PNGs 10th Anniversary of Independence celebrations and to boost tourism at a time when law and order disturbances were of great concern to both business and the government, including an annual lecture series, an AUSn award for journalistic merit, a regular newsletter, and an international golf tournament.
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