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You will  probably do business by mail many times. Perhaps you want to order a product for your business, or feel like complaining when it doesn’t arrive on time.

A business letter should be business - like. A business letter is formal, and so it must follow a specific format. WE KNOW THIS FORMAT and so can give your letter a real professional touch.  

  During our daily lives there are many important matters that we need to deal with. The details of these important matters as well as being communicated by phone, fax, or email are often included in formal correspondence - the business letter. There are a number of different kinds of business letters.


 Two of the more important business letters are job applications and resumes .The style of a business letter is different to that of a personal letter. China Multimedia will show you how to write a business letter with style, how to build your vocabulary using words from the world of business, and how to write in a more formal, objective, direct and relatively impersonal style.
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