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XXXXXIII Anagrams or Acronyms, Take Your Pick

An anagrams is made of beginning letters or a phrase. An acronym is an anagram that creates a word. An asterisk (* 'little star’ in Greek) designates the more useful anagrams everyone should know.

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous
AAA - USA Automobile Association
AC/DC - alternating and direct current (also to be bisexual and have sex with both men and women)
AFL-CIO - USA Federation of Labor ? Congress of Industrial Organizations
AIDS ? acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AMA ? USA Medical Association
ABM - Anti-Ballistic Missile
AMEX - USA Stock Exchange
*ASAP - As Soon As Possible (i.e. “Please send a reply ASAP.”)
ASCE - USA Society of Chemical Engineers
ASCII - USA Standard Code, for Information Interchange
ASEAN -Association of Southeast Asian Nations
*BA - Bachelor of Arts
BBB - Better Business Bureau
Bed - Bachelor of Education
B.O. ? body odor.
B.M. ? bowel movement. Used to ask of a person to find out is he or she is constipated.
BS, BSc - Bachelor of Science (BS can also stand for bullshit)
CAC - Paris stock exchange index.
CAD - Computer Aided Design
CAM - Computer Aided Manufacture
CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Company
CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System (USA television and radio network)
CD - Command Deposit ( a savings account in which payment is yupon demand)
CDT - Central Daylight Time
*CEO ? Chief Executive Officer (i.e. “He is the CEO of Ford Motor Company.”)
CET - China English Test (also: Central European Time)
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
*CIF - Cargo Insurance Freight
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
CID - Criminal Investigation Department

CIDA ? Canadian International Development Agency

CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States (a federation of former Soviet Union states)
CO - Commanding Officer (military term)
*COD - Cash On Delivery (payment is to be made when shipment is received)
*CPA - Certified Public Accountant
CPU - Computer language ? Central Processing Unit
*CV - Curriculum Vitae (Resume in the U.S.)
DA - District Attorney
DAX - German stock exchange index
DDT - dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane an insecticide that is now banned in many countries.
DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency (US)
DHEA ? Dehydroesplandrosteron, the youth hormone discovered in France.
DJ - Disk Jockey one who plays musical records at the disco or on the radio
DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average (daily average price of selected industrial stocks)
*DOS - In computer language. “Disk Operating System”.
DOT - Department of Transportation (US)
DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA 'fingerprinting’ of gene distribution in cell tissue)
EC - the European Community (Also: European Common Market of countries with the Euro.
ECG and EKG - electro-cardiogram
ECM - European Common Market
ESA - European Space Agency
EFL - English as a Foreign Language (U.K)
ESL - English as a Second Language (USA)
EST - Eastern Standard Time (New York-Miami)
*ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
EC - European Union
FAA - Federal Aviation Agency
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization (UN agency to raise world food production)
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation (charged with enforcement of federal laws)
FIFO - First In, First Out. An accounting term in method of accounting. (see: FILO)
LIFO Last In First Out. Accounting method rather opposite of FIFO
*FOB - Free On Board (designated shipping charges)
*FTC - Federal Trade Commission (US Government agency regulating trade)
FTSE - (also known as the “Footse”) London Financial Times Stock Exchange index.
*GATT ? General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (replaced by WTO)
GDP - Gross Domestic Product (a value measure of a country’s domestic production)
*GMT - Greenwich Mean Time (Greenwich Observatory just outside London, U.K.)
GNP - Gross National Product (a value of a country’s total income)
GRE - Graduate Record Exam for eligibility of students to enter graduate studies
HE - His Excellency or Your Excellency (the way to address an ambassador or head of state)
*HQ - Headquarters, literally the Head Quarters. From where orders come.
*HR - Human Resources (formerly Personnel Office)
ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission (US agency regulating inter-state commerce)
ID - a personal Identity Card or the password for entering a computer email account.
IELT - International English Language Test. An exam of English competency.
IQ ? Intelligence Quotient. A test devised to determine the intelligence of people.
IRA - Internal Revenue Service (income tax regulatory service of the US)
IT - (Computer talk for) Information Technology
KO - Knock Out (a blow that renders one unconscious)
KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken (USA fast food restaurant)
KGB - The Russian communist secret police in the former Soviet Union.
kW - a thousand watts (a Watt is a measure of electric power named after Thomas Watt)

LCD - computer, liquid crystal display

LED - electrical term for Light Emitting Diode
MA, MS - Master of Arts, Master of Science.
MBA - Master of Business Administration
MBE - Member of the U.K Empire (medal awarded by the Queen)
MD - Doctor of Medicine
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NAM - National Association of Manufacturers (US)
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NBC - National Broadcasting Company (US)
NOW - National Organization for Women
NRA - National Rifle Association (a private US organization of gun owners)
NYSE - New York Stock Exchange (Big Board)
OBE - Order of the U.K Empire
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Europe)
OD - Overdosed on Drugs (usually fatal)
PL/I - a general-purpose language for programming a computer
PLO - Palestine Liberation Organization
PM - Prime Minister
PM - Prime Meridian (noontime)
PO - Post Office
POE - Point of Embarkation
POW - Prisoner of War
PST - Pacific Standard Time (west coast of the U.S)
PVC - polyvinyl chloride an acid resistant plastic used for water and sewerage pipes
RAM - (computer) Random Access Memory
RN - Registered Nurse
RNA - Ribonucleic acid
SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SAT - (US) Scholastic Aptitude Test
*SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SOS - Save Our Souls (send help)
TEFL - (U.K) Teach English as a Foreign Language
TOEFL - USA based exam of English competency
UAE - United Arab Emirates (a group of small oil-rich states in the Persian Gulf)
UHF - Ultra High Frequency
UN - United Nations
UNESCO - United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNHCR - United Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNICEF - United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

UNPROFOR - United Nations Protective Forces

USDA - US Department of Agriculture
USIA - US Information Agency
V-1 - For: Vergeltungswaffe ? German: “retaliation weapon” (Buzz Bomb of WW II)
VIP ? Very Important Person (i.e. “The school expects a visit from a VIP.”) See: big wig in slang.
WC - Water Closet, U.K for toilet
WHO - World Health Organization (part of United Nations)
*WTO - World Trade Organization (international trade regulators)
WW II - World War II
WWW - world-wide-web
YMCA - Young Men’s Christian Association
YWCA - Young Women’s Christian Association
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