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1.What was the weather like yesterday?
A: Where are you from?
B: England.
A: What was the weather like there last year?
B: Mild, but not always nice.

An example of the approach to take with the above, is to allow the students to use the dialogue as a base to a conversation they create.

The teachers can also give a lesson on different ways to describe weather (eg mild, freezing etc)

2. You look better today!
A: Hi, Peter! You look better today! Are you going to school?
B: Yes. But yesterday I looked horrible. I had a bad headache.
A: I know. But you still look tired.
B: Don't worry! I will be OK soon after a day’s rest.
A: Don't work too hard! You should look after yourself.
B: Thank you! I will. Let’s go!

3. What’s the matter with Tom?
A: What’s the matter with you, Tom?
B: I don’t know. I have a headache and a stomachache.
A: Show me your tongue. What did you eat yesterday?
B: Well, doctor, I ate some cake and some ice cream.
A: What else did you eat, boy?
B: Oh, I also ate some candy and bread.
A: OK. I see. Why did you eat so many things?
B: I went to a birthday party!

4. Give me the name of another animal.
A: Boys, I have a riddle for you. It has a beautiful feather, and it can wake you up every morning. What is it, Tom?
B: A feather duster. My father wakes me up with it every morning.
A: Listen, everyone. Who can give me the name of an animal?
B: A cow.
A: Good . Who can give me the name of another animal?
B: Another cow.

5. What kind of soup would you like?
A: Good evening, madam.
B: Thank you. Hmm. Is this soup sweep? I don’t like sweet food.
A: Oh, no. It’s not sweet.
B: Ok. Is it spicy? I can’t eat hot food.
A: No, madam. It’s very tasty!
B: Well, all right. By the way, I don’t like salty food either.
A: OK. I think you will like this soup.
B: Very good! I will take it.

6. What do you like to wear?
A: Is this pretty?
B: Yes, it is. But it looks too big for you.
A: All right. What about this one?
B: It’s too dark. I’m afraid.
B: Try this one, Mary.
A: OK. I will try it on.
A: Look!
B: Hey! You look beautiful.

7. How far is it?
A: How far is it from your home to our school?
B: 2 km.
A: How do you go to school?
B: By bus.
A: Where do you get off?
B: At the bank.
A: How does Betty go to school?
B: By bike.

8. What does it look like?
A: What does the building look like?
B: It looks like a match box, doesn’t it?

9. When is your birthday?
A: Tomorrow is your birthday, isn’t it?
B: Yes, It is. And I will have a big party for all our friends. Please come over.
A: I sure will. Happy birthday!
B: Thank you!
A: By the way, where is your party?
B: At my house.
A: When does it start?
B: At 6:00 p.m..

10. Sports will do good to our health.
A: Oh, Dad. I’m tired. Let’s have a break.
B: You are doing well. I can’t believe that you can even get here.
A: Thanks, Dad. Do you often come here and climb this hill?
B: Yes, it’s good for our health.
A: Let’s move on! Let’s see who can get to the top first!
B: OK. Let’s start!
A: Come on ! Quick! I’m here!
B: I’m coming!
A: I’m the first.
B: Yes, you are.
A: Wow! It’s beautiful.
B: Look! That’s our city. That’s CCTV and that’s your school..
A: Great ! Dad, can I come with you again?
B: Sure, you can
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