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Write the words for the lesson on the board and draw a hand under each picture, or draw the pictures on the board and draw a hand under each picture, pick 2 or 3 students to stand facing the board about three meters away, when you say a word that is on the board the kids must run to the board and put their hands on the hand that you drawn below the word/picture, then they run back to the start place, who returns back to the start point wins


Quiet and loud: when you say one word very loud they must say it very quietly when you say it very quietly they must say it very loudly (opposite level of noise to you). Normally repeat a word 3 or four times. Then change to another word.

Draw the lesson words on pieces of paper and stick them in different places around the classroom, make sure they can see, ask the students to stand up and walk around the room. Repeat the words that on the pictures then suddenly you say a word very loudly, they must stop and find the picture, the student who finds the picture first who, wins, give him a small sticker as a reward (the Chinese teacher will give it to you if you ask for one)

Similar as last one but put the pictures on the floor, pick 6 to 8 kids to stand in a circle around the pictures, students sing and walk around the pictures when you say a word very loudly they must stop and step on that picture, the student who steps on the correct picture first, wins. Give him or her a clap and then continue.
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