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Do you;

  • Have command over the English language, particularly grammar?
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills?
  • Like to interact with people?
  • Have the ability to adapt to people of all ages and from varied backgrounds and cultures?
  • Have the patience and ability to teach?
  • Have the quality of being a good listener?
  • Have the ability to use available resources as well as create stimulating lesson plans?

authoring tools in english language teaching

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then you are closer to embark on a brilliant journey and fulfilling career teaching English.

If you are interested in teaching English as a second language, it is first important to know what grade and age of students you feel comfortable working with.

authoring tools in english language teaching

If you choose to work with younger students, your key role will be to help them develop and master basic communication skills.

If you choose to teach high school and college students, you will be instrumental in helping them develop a life long command over the English language. You also have the option of teaching foreign nationals who are conversant only in their native tongue.

If you are a versatile teacher, you will able to leverage your skills to handle all such levels of instruction.

authoring tools in english language teaching

Teaching English does not merely involve making sure your student can speak the language. A language teaching profession encompasses imparting instructions in grammar, reading comprehension, sentence construction and verb conjugation, writing skills, etc. You also have to make sure that your students are able to converse fluently as well as write without any grammatical or spelling errors.

Teaching English Terminology

authoring tools in english language teaching

TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language

TESOL = Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESL = English as a Second Language

authoring tools in english language teaching

Teaching English as a second language is a stimulating career option

Foreign students are often proficient in their own native tongues, and do not get an opportunity to practice their English skills at home, which makes your job of teaching such students even more challenging.

If you are looking at options for teaching English as a second language (ESL), its best to check out the job postings in the education department of most local colleges and universities, or look for teaching work online.

The latter is especially useful as a resource if you love to travel - Teaching ESL and EFL are great ways to earn money while you globe trot. Better still would be to post your resume online. You can also use the internet chat rooms to communicate with other English teachers and students 24X7.

Teaching English Qualifications

US qualifications

Your qualification requirements for teaching English in the US would vary from state to state. However, an MA in TESOL is a pre-requisite for securing a job as an instructor at community colleges and universities in the US. The MA in TESOL requires a high level of skill in the language.

UK qualifications

Certificates and diplomas issued by UCLES ( University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) and Trinity International Examinations Board of Trinity College, London are sufficient pre-requisites for securing a job in teaching English in the British scenario. TEFL courses in England not only train you in all aspects of teaching English, but they also give you hands on training simultaneously.
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