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To provide foreign teachers in China with quality licensed ESL positions and a full support network whilst providing Chinese schools with quality educational resources and dedicated teachers.
NETWORK ESL has been established in China for 6 years now and was formed with one main goal in mind: to offer teachers already in China and those that are thinking of teaching in China a comprehensive and complete service so as to ensure that the benefits and provisions outlined in teaching contracts are actually provided to the teacher whilst at the same time offer a comprehensive support network throughout our teachers' entire stay. By providing this, it was envisaged that we would achieve two things:

1. An improvement in the quality and effectiveness of oral English teaching in China, thereby accelerating the learning and English-speaking ability of students at our client schools.

2. An assurance that teachers, after being offered a support system in China ranging from lesson planning, travel assistance, and advice to guidance with everyday living, would thoroughly enjoy the experience and, thus, have fond memories of their Chinese friends and China in general.

We are proud to state that we believe we have met these objectives. We remain committed to our present and future teachers and to improving the extent and quality of the services offered by The Network to ensure that all who come across The Network will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in China.
NETWORK ESL is made up of a wide range of Native English speakers from AUS, CAN, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and South Africa, all introducing teachers into the Chinese education system under the organization of NETWORK ESL. By operating under one umbrella, we can provide you with the most extensive information and support network available.
In order to provide you with as much information as possible and to provide you with the best avenue in which to voice your queries and have them addressed immediately, we offer you, after your initial application with your personally assigned CASE MANAGER, the opportunity to communicate with Network members 'on the ground' in China, who will forward an employment package to you and are available to answer any questions you may have in regard to the specific position allotted to you byThe Network's Placement Managers.
We are now also offering FULL DIRECT CONTACT with schools.
In light of this, we would like to introduce our Network Placement Managers. Most have been in China for 5 years and have worked extensively within the education industry here in China during that time. Upon forming The Network five years ago, the number of schools interested in taking on our services has increased dramatically, primarily due to the professional manner in which we introduce teachers into China through a comprehensive information service and a continuing support network upon arrival. Thus, it is our sincere hope that we will be able to work with you so as to facilitate your arrival here in China through the offer of an outstanding position in the not too distant future.
This structure and approach has seen us become the largest private supplier of quality teachers to the Chinese Education System with over 1000 dedicated ESL teachers placed in China annually and with over 4000 quality, licensed positions available to our teachers.
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