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Network ESL provides over 4000 opportunities to Teach English in China, all ESL jobs in China are authorized by the Chinese Government and come with The Network's full support systems. As we are here in China, Network ESL will work with you so as to ensure Teaching English in China is a rewarding and challenging experience
– So, Come on, Join The Network, and Teach in China.
Network ESL, provides a Comprehensive Approach to Education in China, in partnership with Link China and Link International Education Group we provide extended Education Services in China ranging from Summer Camp programs, Multimedia Services, Corporate Training, Education Investment Consulting, Translation Services, Curriculum design and support, China Visa services, Website design and marketing – The Complete Approach.
English Language Teaching in China

English language teach english in China is more than just a job. It is a chance to expand your personal boundaries and engage one of the world's most ancient civilizations as a true insider.
The country's invigorating and inspiring charms have made English language teaching in China a dream job for many language teachers. Just imagine what you'll discover if you experience China's delights first-hand.
Live and teach in China as a true insider
Immerse yourself in a new culture while teaching English in China. Unique cultural experiences are available for those who have the energy and inclination; martial arts, calligraphy, language, Chinese massage and even camel riding in the desert. Teaching English to remarkable people
Meet remarkable people through your English language teaching experience. Interacting with your students is a sure fire way to understand the country as a local would. You will make friendships that will last a lifetime and come away with amazing stories to tell and pictures to show.
Teach yourself 5,000 years of history
With over 5,000 years of history, China has a thousand faces; from the Great Wall to Shanghai's silhouetted skyline, serene deserts to urban centers, Tibetan monks to Sichuan pandas; you can see it all here in China.if you teach english in China.

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