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The International 4B Foundation and Link China: Building Bridges and Breaking Down the Barriers.

The International 4B Foundation is a major fundraising organization based in the United States. It's a non ?profit organization directly associated with the


       Asia International Foundation.

The International 4B Foundation plans, implements, and evaluates projects aimed at raising money for major charities. It sees itself as doing the work that all people should do ? helping others in times of need.


The International 4B Foundation was established in 1998 following the great flood in Central China. “The deaths of tens of thousands of people made me critically aware of the needs of others”: said the Founder and Chairman of the International 4B Foundation, Professor Michael O’Brien.


With the support and cooperation of the

       Central, Provincial, and Municipal Governments in China,

       The Red Cross Society,

       Lion’s Club International,

       Asia Sick Heart Hospital,

       The Agape Foundation,


The International 4B Foundation keeps the dream alive for the physically handicapped, those without parents, husbands, or wives, those in villages and towns without schools, and those without money to pay for education.
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