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The academic year in China finishes each year around the start of July, and most students return home for the Summer Vacation period in July and August, during this time many students take up the opportunity to participate in Summer English Camps.


Unlike the formal schooling experienced during the academic year, our Summer Camps are geared in line with a full immersion English program philosophy, where students are provided with the opportunity to talk to their teachers in an informal environment.

NETWORK ESL has been conducting a variety of English Summer Camp programs throughout China since 2004, providing an exciting and interesting environment for teachers and students alike, teachers have the opportunity to develop learning activities and games that promote their students English speaking abilities, encompassing activities such as the teaching and instruction of team sports such as baseball, football and other social activities such as picnics etc so as to involve students in what is termed “foreign culture”

There are 2 types of camps we conduct each year:

1. Chinese Summer Camps ? for Chinese students to take part in a full immersion English program run by Foreign teachers

2. International Summer Camps ? inviting schools and students from around the world to take part in cross cultural exchange Summer programs managed and operated by Chinese Schools to enhance international exchange and friendship between students


We conduct Summer camp programs in the following regions:


l Guangzhou

l Shenzhen

l Zhejiang

l Jiangsu

l Fujian

l Hubei

l Shanxi

l Hefei

If you would like to take part in our 2010 SUMMER CAMP programs, simply send us an email, and we will register your interest and forward a detailed information package detailing the specifics of the particular Summer Camp
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