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2010 Summer Program throughout China

Location: Several Provinces as outlined in our Summer Camp introduction

Program: July and August each year (2,3 and 4-week camp programs available)

Class and Activity Time:

The information below is offered purely as a guide, specific camp details will be provided to teachers upon application.


8:30--11:30 am for morning session

2:30--4:30 pm for afternoon session

Course: Spoken English, Conversation, and Teaching Methodology on English Language Teaching


Class Size: 25-30 persons a class


Participants: School students aged from 6-15

Goals: To improve the listening and speaking ability of students.


Workload: 5 hours a day and 5 days a week, In addition, teachers will take part in evening interactive activities three times per week.

The teachers will have Saturday and Sundays off and one or two free tour in the local city or towns for each program.

The emphasis appears to be to have fun while being immersed in English as the communication tool. One teacher will be in charge of one class.

For some classes Chinese English teacher may be provided as an assistant, who can relieve some of the workload.


Teachers can divide the classes into:

oral English
free reading
video showing
slide showing
students performance
playing games
English corner
and other non-academic settings, etc.



Although it seems the teachers have a lot of periods, yet if arranged properly, they will not feel so and they will have a lot of fun with the students.

Classes can also be held outside the classroom.

Current and former list members have taught in this setting and indicate that it is fun and much can be enjoyed while using English.


Lesson Plan: Teachers may find and bring to China some material for training the oral English of students or the teaching methodology of Chinese English teachers.

They are free to conduct and organize their classes.

Usually every class lasts 45-50 minutes with 5-10 minutes for break. Teachers should also prepare some English games, songs and activities in the classroom.


Teaching Material: Foreign teachers are required to bring some original materials and get them copied during the program (free).

They are free to use their own material and teaching methods although some of the camps will provide some ready-made books for the students. Copies will be limited to a certain amount.


Teaching Facilities: The classrooms have air conditioner, while some only have electric fans. All classrooms have tape recorderTV set and projectors.


Meals: The organizer will provide three free meals for the students and teachers in the camp cafeteria for the program.

However if the teachers don’t want to eat on campus, foreign teachers can eat outside on their own account during the whole program.


Tour: The organizer will arrange one or two-day free local tour for foreign teachers during the program.

The staff and students will also show them around the city and local sceneries during other times. Chinese cities, towns and villages are very specific and attractive.


Internet: The camps have campus computer rooms with Internet connection, where the teachers can use freely.

However, if there are no such computer rooms, the teachers can only use the nearby Internet Bar on their own account. It is very cheap with only one or two RMB Yuan an hour.


Transportation: The teachers are responsible for their own International and domestic airfare and other transportation to and from the school.


Insurance: The teachers are responsible for their own travel and medical insurance during the program.


Payment:  5000-6000(RMB) for a three week camp (typical pay scale)


Number of vacancies each year: 180 Foreign teachers


Qualifications for Applicants:

1.       Native English-speakers

2. Those in English major or with TEFL certificates or educational background will be given preferential consideration.

3. Teaching couples will be given preferential consideration.

4. Teachers with summer experience in China will be preferred.

5. Teachers with personal confidence and good communication skills.


Visa Info: To be advised


Airport and Train Info: Depending on location of your camp
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