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TEFL or 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' programs, like TESL courses, refer to professional courses wherein non-English speaking people are trained in the English language. The only difference in this case is that the teaching programs are conducted in 'NON-ENGLISH speaking REGIONS'. Training programs for TEFL are usually conducted in English-speaking regions (although this is not a rule) but the coaching is offered in the student's native land.

TEFL - Teaching English Tips

Career Opportunities

Truly speaking, with the growing importance of English (both written and conversational), TEFL is becoming a rewarding career option day-by-day. People trained as EFL teachers are usually appointed by commercial language schools, government departments, large companies and other renowned private and voluntary organizations like The British Council. They are also offered lucrative jobs and fixed-term contracts abroad.

Job description of a TEFL instructor

TEFL - Teaching English Tips

TEFL instructors help their students improve their English writing and speaking ability by packing their instructions with the most useful information, presenting it in an extremely interesting manner. They impart their knowledge through various TEFL lessons to develop the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the learners. Consequently, the job involves a lot of researching and planning on the part of the teacher.

As an instructor, you can make use of varied course materials and a variety of audio-visual aids to assist your students. You will also need to boost their confidence by engaging them in social and cultural activities or by taking them on outings. You can also try teaching on 'one-to-one' basis. Whatever be your approach, you ought to make the learning process easy and enjoyable to ensure success.

TEFL - Teaching English Tips

Qualifications For A TEFL Instructor

As such, there is no recognized/certified organization to oversee the issuance of qualifications in general and hence there is no accepted standard qualification. The qualification of an instructor is usually decided by the organization for which the coach is to be recruited. Thus, in the European nations, an undergraduate degree and a TEFL/TESL certification is the average requirement. In USA, the basic qualification is a Master's degree in TESOL. In some nations, far less qualified instructors are appointed. Institutions like Berlitz do not recognize the CELTA / CertTESOL and train their teachers as per their own standards. (Proficiency in English is essential. Knowledge of other languages will be of immense help.)

TEFL Certification Courses

TEFL - Teaching English Tips

However, much we say that there are no set standards/ qualifications for being appointed as a TEFL coach or instructor, most commercial professional ventures are quite discriminating in their choice. TEFL certification courses and core curriculums help you develop all the positive skills and techniques that you need to become a successful EFL instructor.

Thus, you are tutored in the ways of training your students in grammar and vocabulary. Classroom management, motivating students and advanced trainings that help your students attain mastery over spoken and written English are some other tricks being imparted through these programs. In brief, the TEFL certification is a proof of your efficiency as an EFL instructor and most employers judge you on its basis.

TEFL - Teaching English Tips

Certification courses like CELTA, CELTYL, CertTESOL, etc. are conducted at a number of campuses in both UK and USA. Localized certification courses are also offered by individual organizations or institutions. You can even opt for a certification course online.


As a career, TEFL promises a good pay packet in addition to creating opportunities for you to visit interesting destinations. Overseas teaching ventures as a TEFL instructor help you with your career prospects. Exposure to different cultures and traditions, likewise, help you make all-round progress as an individual.
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