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Directions: Fill in the sentence blank with the right word from the words on the right:

1. Robots in auto manufacturing are all __________ for accuracy. A. stipulated

2. Will Yugoslavia be allowed to _____ in the 2004 Olympic games? B. compassion

3. The oil _______ the soil to such a depth crops could not grow. C. prediction

4. What is the _____________ for tomorrow’s weather outlook? D. computerized

5. John showed much ___________ to Mary after her cat disappeared. E. hospitality

6. It rained heavily, then lightly all day. The rain was __________. F. reservations

7. His warm ____________ was extended to all guests to his home. G. professional

8. What time is most ____________ for you to meet with us? H. executive

9. The engineers made their __________based on the property size. I. community

10. He always maintained a _____________ attitude with all his clients. J. participate

11. ___________ everyone. Listen carefully to this announcement. K. calculations

12. The CEO has ___________ that staff will get one week’s vacation. L. attention

13. The fishing _________ off Ireland’s west coast has always been good. M. sporadic

14. The chief ____________ of a company is known as the CEO. N. permeated

15. Marie, make ___________ for myself and my brother at the Club. O. convenient

XXXXIX Words That Describe People

Place the letter of the correct definition in the blank at the left:

_____ 1. gregarious A. stingy

_____ 2. callous B. inconsistent, unfocused, sluggish in work

_____ 3. adamant C. wealthy

_____ 4. capricious D. noisily , unruly, defiant

_____ 5. affluent E. unyielding

_____ 6. nonchalant F.. impulsive, unpredictable

_____ 7. hostile G. misleads

_____ 8. pusillanimous H. malevolent, opposed to

_____ 9. obstreperous I. indifferent, unconcerned, cool

_____10. vibrant J. pulsating with life

_____ 11. desultory K. sociable

_____ 12. charismatic L. cowardly

_____ 13. deceptive M. personally magnetic

_____ 14. laconic N. concise

_____ 15. parsimonious O. hardened, no feelings

Place the correct word in the blank space below:

1. He doesn’t talk a lot. He’s rather ____________.
2. That little boy is too loud and aggressive. He’s just too _________________.
3. They are so _________ . They can just about buy anything they want to buy.
4. Her speaking ability and leadership attract others to her. She’s _________________.
5. She’s so _____________. She just bubbles over with energy.
6. He’s so _______________. He loves parties and getting together with friends.
7. You can never trust anything he says. He’s just too ________________.
8. He’s opposed on this point. He is ___________and won’t change his mind.
9. He’s so ___________. Always preaching to us about how we should do this or that.
10. He has plenty of money, he’s so stingy and misery. He’s _____________.
11. She’s so ______________. Nothing seems to affect her.
12. H simply lacks continuity in his work habits. He is ______________.
13. He is so weak and cowardly. Never stands up for his rights. ____________.
14. He never feels pity for poor people. He is completely __________.
15. The directors were strongly opposed to the takeover, so it was a _______ takeover.

XXXXX Exercises: Describing Different Kinds of People

English Latin/Greek/Fr Derivation English meaning

1. optimist Fr. Lat. The best Inclined to put the most favorable outlook on
actions or events
2. pessimist Fr. Lat. The worst Inclined to expect the worst will happen

3. vain Lat. vanus (empty) all efforts result in nothing. Also excessive love of self
14th Century
4. egotist Lat. ego ? I One who talks a lot about himself using I, my, mine

5. introvert 1669 intro (inside) Reserved, shy, feels awkward in social situations + vert
(Turns toward inside)
6. extrovert 1918 extro (out) Turns outward. Gregarious, unreserved
(Everyone’s a friend) + vert (toward outside)
7. ambivalent 1918 ambi (both) contradictory feelings, attracted/repulsed,
uncertain + val (values)
8. anthropology 1593 Gk anthro Study of man ? anthro (man) logy (study)

9. ascetic 1646 Gk. Exercise Practicing strict self-denial. AUStere in appearance

10. misogynist 1646 Gk. Meisen Hates women gyn (women)

11. misogamist 1656 Gk. Misen Hates marriage gam (marriage)

12. neurotic 1873 Affected with neurosis. Perception of reality is distorted

13. paranoid 1904 Characterized by unreasonable fears of persecution, suspicious

14. temperamental 1646 temper Excessive sensitivity, moody, impulse to anger quickly

15. steadfast Old Eng. 12th /cent Firm in belief and determination. Loyal, faithful.

Exercise: Place the letter of the correct definition in the blank on the left.

_________ 1. pessimist A. fearful

_________ 2. optimist B. moody

_________ 3. vain C. 'rock of Gibraltar’

_________ 4. egotist D. highly moral in appearance

_________ 5. introvert E. life is terrible

_________ 6. extrovert F. believes he/she is so good-looking

_________ 7. ambivalent G. hates women

­­­­­_________ 8. anthropology ­­­ H. me, me, my, mine, I

_________ 9. ascetic I. life of the party, loves everyone

_________ 10. misogynist J. hates marriage
_________ 11. misogamist K. can see nothing bad, all is good

_________ 12. neurotic L. shy, reserved

_________ 13. paranoid M. a fear of a danger that is exaggerated or doesn’t exist

_________ 14. temperamental N. study of man around the world

_________ 15. steadfast O. having mixed feelings about something

Directions: Fill in the sentence blank with the appropriate word.
1. He’s so _____________. He thinks someone is trying to kill him.
2. He gets angry so easily that it’s hard to work for him be, cause he, ’s so ________________.
3. All he does is talk about his friends, his work, and his family. He’s such an_______.
4.I think he’s a ________________ because he hates women.
5. He’s the life of the party. He’s such an _________. He never knows a stranger.
6. He’s such a ___________ that he can never say anything good.
7. Don’t let him in front of a mirror. He’s so ___________ that he’ll stand there forever.
8. He’s quite _____________, a real Rock of Gibraltar.
9. He’s an _____________ who sees that everything is so good.
10. He would go to parties and never speak to anyone because he was so __________.
11. I’m feeling rather _____________ about whether I go to the party or stay home.
12. He’s rather ______________ with his obsession about cleanliness.
13. He studied in Hawaii about Polynesian culture for his_______ course at the university
14. He’s given up meat and does tai chi. He is so ____________ and he looks it too.
15. He likes women but hates the idea of getting married. He’s a ______________.

XXXXXI Clichés:

(clee shayz) are trite phrase or stereotyping that came into English around 1892 from FRA. Clichés are described as everyday sayings. (described as common, banal, bromide, platitude, shibboleth, or tag ? all of these words mean 'common or ordinary words’)

The following phrases are some common clichés:
Actions speak louder than words.
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush (what is in hand is certain, others things are not.)
A stitch in time saves nine. (repair a tear when it is small, will save nine stitches later).
Absence makes the heart grow fonder (love becomes stronger when people are separated)
All’s fair in love and war. (in love, people will do anything to win the one he/she loves)
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
An army travels on its stomach (a good food supply is necessary an the army to be strong)
All’s well that ends well.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away (eating healthy food makes one healthy)
Apple, One bad apple spoils the bunch (if there is one bad person in a group, the rest will be bad)
Ball, The ball is in your corner/in your court (It’s your move)
The buck stops here (I take the blame for any and all complaints)
Beat around the bush (to talk about unimportant things and avoid talking about important issues)
Better a big duck in a small pond than a small duck in a big pond.
Between a rock and a hard place (a difficult situation with little or no solutions)
Birds, Kill two birds with one stone (accomplish two things by doing one thing/action)
Birds of a feather, flock together. (people of like interests tend to stick together)
Born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth (born into a wealthy family)
Burn, Don’t burn your bridges behind you (when leaving a job, be sure you leave on friendly terms)
Buck, The buck stops here (I take the blame for any and all complaints)
Cake, Can’t have your cake and eat it too. (Can’t have it both ways)
Can’t teach an old dog new tricks (older people are not prone to accept new ideas and methods).
Can’t make a silk purse out of pig’s ear. (There are limitations to what you can do)
Chickens, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch (not all eggs will hatch into chickens)
Chimney, Smokes like a chimney (smokes a lot of tobacco)
Clear the decks and get ready for action (means to prepare for battle with the enemy).
Dog eat dog world out there (making a living is tough and you must be tough as well).
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. (never speak against the person who pays your salary).
Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face (don’t try to hurt others by hurting yourself)
Don’t judge someone until you have walked in their shoes.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Easy come, easy go. (money obtained easily goes quickly)
Early bird catches the worm (sleeping late loses many opportunities)
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Familiarity breeds contempt (being too familiar may cause others to be contemptuous)
Fish, drinks like a fish (drinks a lot of alcoholic drinks)
Get the ball rolling (let’s get started)
Go for broke (making an all out effort in an attempt to succeed)
Go fly a kite (a negative response to someone’s demand or request).
God is on the side of the biggest army. (Napoleon)
God protect me from my friends. I can take care of my enemies. (Napoleon)
Government that governs the least governs the best (Thomas Jefferson on Democracy)
Grass, The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. (Things others have look better than yours)
Have him/her in your pocket (to have him/her under your control or influence)
He has a face that only a mother could love. (self-explanatory)
Have an edge on/over (something that give an advantage over the competition)
Head and shoulders above the rest (no comparison to the closest competition)
Head, Two heads are better than one (when making decisions, it is better to confer with another person)
He couldn’t get to first base (can’t get a girl he wants to be friends with)
He has no guts - (he has no courage)
He’s a dead duck (some one who’s been targeted by someone who will destroy him)
He’s a fish out of water. (This isn’t the right place or right job for his abilities)
He’s full of prunes. (He doesn’t know anything about what he is talking about).
He who laughs last, laughs best (the winner of the last contest is the winner)
Honesty is the best policy. (Tell the truth is always best)
I love you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
I wonder what’s his game? (can’t figure out why he is doing why he is doing that)
I’d give my right arm for (to want something so bad as to give something valuable for it)
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (if everything work well don’t try changing it)
If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. (avoid jobs where there is criticism)
If you play with fire you’ll get burnt (Break the rules in love and you’ll pay the price)
It takes one to catch one. (said to people who always complain about others)
It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that counts.
It’s not what you know but who you know (friends and family are more important in getting a job)
It’s smooth sailing from now on (troubles are over and it’s going to be better now)
Jack of all trades, master of none (knows how to do many things but none perfectly)
Jump from the frying pan into the fire (to move from a bad to a worse situation)
Know which side your bread is buttered on. (knowing what brings pays off)
Land office business (everyone wants to buy)
Live and let live (don’t involve yourself in other people’s lives but live your own)
Leopard can’t change its spots (some people can’t change their ways or their ideas)
Look before you leap. (think before you make a change which might be worse than what is now).
Man’s work is from sun to sun. A woman’s work is never done. (self-explanatory)
Make a mountain out of a molehill (to exaggerate the importance of something small or trivial).
Marry in haste, regret at your leisure (self-explanatory)
Misery loves company (When people feel blue, they like to talk about their troubles)
Make a mountain out of molehill (To make exaggerate the importance of something small).
Murphy’s law: (If something might go wrong, it will)
Nose, Keeping ___ to the grindstone (to be working hard at something that is boring)
Not my cup of tea (it doesn’t exactly suit me. Disagreeable. Not to my liking.)
One bad apple spoils the bunch. (One bad person can cause the others to be bad)
Pull the rug out from under one’s feet (someone unexpectedly pulls his support away)
Right on the button (exact, correct, no mistake, hit the target)
Shoe, If the shoe fits, wear it (if someone has criticized you correctly, don’t deny it)
Shoes, Don’t judge someone until you have walked in his shoes
Speech is silver but silence is gold (silence is often the most prudent and best action)
Take it with a grain of salt (not to be entirely believed)
That’s water over the dam, spilt milk (stop complaining about something which is done)
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (to get a man, a woman must cook well)
To put your foot in your mouth (to offend someone unintentionally)
To treat like dirt (to show disrespect or to give disrespect to someone)
Traffic jam (when traffic is not moving at all)
Treat a Prince like a prince, a Prime Minister like a P.M., a father like a father, a son like a son.
What goes around comes around (when someone does something bad, it comes back to him)
What goes up must come down. (there is always a reaction opposite to an action taken)
When poor, take care of yourself, and if rich, take care of others. (Chinese proverb)
You can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink.(People won’t do things they don’t want to do)
You made your bed, now sleep in it (When marriage breaks down, you must live with it)
You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours (Do me a favor and I’ll do one for you)
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