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If it is a lesson on colors or (book, pencil, box, ruler…)
Get a big cloth or take one boy’s shirt off to cover the item you are holding behind your back
The students should close their eyes
Then ask them to open their eyes
Put the covered item in your hands in front of you and ask:
What is this? What color is it? What time is it?
The students must raise their hands to answer the questions.
Guess the words ? Charades
Check the words they have learnt then choose some you think you can act
They must guess.
Or you write the words on some cards or paper
Show it to one student, then him act the word in front of the class
The students must guess what he s trying to act.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Say the words and touch the body parts at the same time
Repeat it again and again slowly getting faster.
Pick some students to come to the front of the class
You give order
They must touch the body part you say
Face, nose, mouth, ear, eyes, tooth, etc
Roll the dice
Roll the big dice and guess the picture on the dice
Themes you can place on the sides of the dice
things at home
things in the garden
farm animals
parts of the body
Row, row, row your boat
London bridge
Ring a rosey
Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Baa baa black sheep
The hokeypokey
Old mc donald
When teaching kindergarten children:
Be yourself,
Be caring,
Have fun,
Be positive,
Give lots of praise
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