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Act as animals (for the lessons of animals)
When you start teaching the animal words each animal word has an action
You pronounce the word and do the action
The kids say the word and do the action after you.
After two or three times ask the students to stand up
And act as the animal, walk around the classroom with you
And shout the words very loudly
Then ask the students to sit down
Do the next animal word
After this choose some students to go outside the classroom, somewhere the other students can’t see
Tell them a word you want them to act out.
Then you and the student act the word and walk into the classroom
And everyone shout out the word you are trying to act.
Do it about two or three times
Throw the toy into a container
You get some small soft toys and a box
Line the students into 2 -4 lines
Students at the front of each line come up to you and repeat the words you say from the lessons
Give them the toys (one toy each)
You hold the container or box
You move the box up and down or left and right
Let them throw the toy into the box
The students return to the back of the lines
Then next students come up
Must let the English teacher pick the kids and organize the class.
Magic words
Explain in Chinese first “the game’s name is mo gui dan ci”
You ask everyone to stand up please the magic word is “tiger”
Act as a tiger to make the game sound scary.
Everyone shout the magic word very loudly and punch the air with their fists.
Repeat the magic word three or four times, each time punching the air.
Then you say a word from the lesson
The students take one step towards you
Then shout other word from the lesson.
You and the kids repeat the actions (punch the air and take one step ahead)
After four or five words you suddenly shout the magic word you chose at the start.
And act as a tiger, make some scary noise.
Run quickly to chase the students
All the kids must run back to their seats before you catch them
You catch one or two kids
You say one word they repeat
Then game starts again
Each time chose a different word as the magic word.
Everyone stand up shout the magic word after you and punch the air
Play ground
Split the class into two groups they are two football teams you stand in the between the two groups.
Give a topic such as food, sports, fruits, something in the classroom words start with a b etc
They must say the words very quickly,
When a student from one team says one correct word
You take one step towards the other team.
They can’t repeat a word or if they can’t say any word after 5 seconds that means they lose one step.
At the end the team you are closest to loses
Music animals

Play a tape with very fast music all the kids run around the classroom
Then you stop the tape and say a word such as tiger, elephant, wolf, bird …
They must act as the animal and run around.
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